Redmi 9 power vs Redmi Note 9 pro – should you pay more?

In this video we have compared the Redmi 9 power vs Redmi Note 9 pro. Both of these are amazing devices from xiaomi. Redmi 9 power is priced at ₹11000 and comes with snapdragon 662 with 4gb ram while the Redmi Note 9 Pro is priced ar ₹13000 and comes with snapdragon 720 with 4gb ram. Should you spend extra money on the note 9 pro or pay less and be happy with the redmi 9 power. We will answer this question in this video.

Links to buy:
1. 9 power
(Blazing Blue):
(Mighty Black):
(Fiery Red):
(Electric Green)4/128GB:
2. Note 9 pro:
(Aurora Blue):
(Interstellar Black):
(Glacier White):

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