Oppo Enco W11 Long Term Review + Case Review🔥

Oppo Enco W11 Long Term Review. A review of the oppo enco w11 after using it for more than 6 months. This is a pretty good pair of TWS with great features like the Samsung galaxy buds at an affordable price of ₹2000. Should you buy it? Let’s see in this video.

Link to buy:
Oppo w11 case: https://amzn.to/3hRMazo
Oppo w11: https://amzn.to/3bZDe7d
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Oppo Enco w11 Intro- 00:00
Oppo Enco w11 Built & Design- 00:20
Oppo Enco w11 Comfort- 01:25
Oppo Enco w11 Sound Quality- 01:57
Oppo Enco w11 Connection- 02:25
Oppo Enco w11 Mic Quality- 02:54
Oppo Enco w11 Battery Life- 03:51
Oppo Enco w11 MonoPod- 04:32
Oppo Enco w11 IP Rating- 04:56
Oppo Enco w11 Touch Controls- 05:20
Oppo Enco w11 Game & Latency Test – 06:02
Oppo Enco w11 Verdict- 06:20


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