Fireboltt Ninja 3 Review – Budget smartwatch under 1799.


This is the new watch from FIREBOLTT NINJA 3 and I have named it the simple decent bride. we will see why here you can see the box with branding and the picture with our beloved KOHLI you can see the KEY HIGHLIGHT all the way in the box inside the box you get your NINJA3 watch and then the user manual then the charger and the warrant card.


Talking about the design this watch is quite slim it’s made up of plastic but according to the budget I don’t have any issues you get a single button which is for displaying wake and sleep this comes with IP68 straps are of 20mm and made up of silicon and comes with FIREBOLTT branding all the sensors are on the back of the watch the battery is of 200mAh


now let’s talk about the DISPLAY for the price I think the display is quite nice it’s shiny but its brightness is quite low the display is 1.7 inches which look nice

the Bezel seems big from below comes with a TFT panel and the resolution is 240×280 there were no brightness-related issues. will cause no problem outside and the red color on displays pops similarly to NOIS TECH’S


I felt that the raise to work was a bit slow sometimes it works slow and sometimes it doesn’t work the biggest competitor to this is the pulse oximeter you get to see a real SPO2 sensor in such a low-price bracket. The RED and GREEN light sensors at the back work well, keep on the table, on-air, or even in the sky it gives the right reading everywhere with max TO max 2% difference with pulse oximeter for heart rate or SPO2 both. this impressed me a lot. Sleep tracking is pretty accurate only 5-10 min difference for almost 6-7hrs sleep. I believe that FIREBOLTT has 100% improved in terms of sensors you get 24hrs of heart rate monitoring.


the UI is running fast in this watch, I loved the smoothness of it  there are no such problems, and all the swipe actions are very smooth if you swipe up you get the list of all your apps if you want the menu in a list form you can swipe up and if you like it in BUBBLE form you can swipe right FIREBOLTT has included a lot of sports mode in this you have to go to the sports mode and then you can add you favorite the best thing is that you can add more option from below there are different categories and even more option inside it this is a very lovely thing, which is implemented by very less watches and in this price no other watch gives you this many modes the accuracy of sports modes was also alright, no issues as such alarm, stopwatch, timer, gaming mode, phone modes, music control, camera control, and numerous other options are available in this watch

notifications are also on time,


you get 5 watch FACE options and through the DA FIT app you can customize the watch face and add that too on top of that you also get cloud watch faces you get the DA FIT app which is very lovely and detailed it shows day to day activities and also 24hrs heart rate monitoring and another set as well you get the DA FIT app with all the FIREBOLTT watches which works very well.


FIREBOLTT has given 200mah battery in this watch and claims 7-day battery life, battery life is pretty solid here it will last up to 3.5-4 days it switched on the raise to wake, heartrate monitoring, and sleep tracking also the call notifications were on with WhatsApp as well that is why I termed this as ‘sweet and decent bride’ which makes you spend less and is very efficient for 1800 you are getting everything without spending too much definitely this watch is worth buying and you should get it if you’re in a budget

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