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Today we are going to review different kinds of STRAPS some are of 20mm some of 22mm we bought some from Amazon and some from Flipkart we had to take loans to buy these STRAPS so stay tuned and at the end because we have also revealed a SCAM


let’s take a look at the 20mm strap, this one here will is from RAPIDOTZZ and will cost you 319 rupee for THREE straps you get three colours to choose from we chose this black, grey, and white one and if I talk about the quality. it definitely is quite good the quality of the hook and the strap is very good and its dotted which will make you sweat less and also maintain proper ventilation this white one is looking amazing with my black watch if you don’t like the white one you can get the grey or the black one there are many sets available on Amazon you can choose from these for almost the same price I liked this deal from amazon I have used this strap on FIREBOLTT NINJA 3 and if you also have a rectangular dial watch it would look amazing on it.


this strap from RUPELIK is totally magnetic and it looks like APPLES Milanese loop its looks very nice with metallic finishing with these straps you get the pins separately and you have to put it yourself, which is not much of a hassle this magnet is of strong quality, and I didn’t have any issues with it works perfectly and even the clips are of good quality and it looks COOL too. you just have to stretch it and then leave it definitely gives a premium look and it’s just for around 400 rupees I think it would look good on females but men can also carry it gives you that bracelet kind of look I have put this strap on my NOICE EVOLVE2 which looks a bit nice that is why I thought that it would look good with round dial watches but if you have a square dial of 20mm then it would look good with it too.


now let’s come over to these 22mm straps it’s from a brand called GET TECH CO and we got these from AMAZON I’m already excited just by looking at it looks a bit different it has this texture that makes it look premium it’s for 404 rupees, I tried it on this is the NOISE ULTRA BUZZ and the strap looks amazing with it this looks better than the general sports band we were this one is my favourite strap till now.


the next 22mm strap is from the brand LULLABY this strap is for 300 rupees and this too is quite similar to the APPLE watch strap till now we have seen buckle straps, dotted straps, and even magnet strap now its Velcro strap and it’s very similar to APPLE’S I liked this one I have even used this with my apple watch it fits perfectly without slipping and looks good too this is an adjustable Velcro and you can adjust it to your liking it can get sweaty, so to avoid the smell you can put it to wash in a month or two I don’t see any problem with it and it looks great and the best thing is that it’s just 300 rupees.


next, we have a strap from ROYCEE brand from amazon its VEGAN LEATHER and will cost you about 269 rupees but this one comes with a flaw there is no PIN included in this strap, the pin is used to put or remove the strap that means if you put on this strap it will become permanent so guys these were the best 4 straps which I was able to find on AMAZON or FLIPKART got two from Amazon and two from Flipkart two are 20mm and two are 22mm you just have to choose between these straps with respect to the colour of your watch and be aware of such VEGAN LEATHER scam.

we hope you liked your review of the best straps for smartwatches. if you want a more detailed review please switch to our YOUTUBE channel and if you are looking to buy any of the products mentioned in this vlog click here. till then CHAO.

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