TRUKE Buds F1 unboxing and Review


The TRUKE F1 branding is on the front, with all the key HIGHLIGHT mentioned all over the box. Inside you get your buds with a type C cable extra ear tips, a warranty card, and a user manual. My first expression looking at it is how small is it?


The brand termed it COBBLE DESIGN. Its fits in the pocket perfectly, and it has a LED battery indicator that looks good. With branding on the lid and a charging port at the bottom, the size is quite small and has a MATTE finishing. I loved the quality of the LID it’s not at all flimsy the quality of the magnet used in the lid is also good. You can carry it with tight clothes as well because it is so compact without any problems. Talking about the buds it has the branding from TRUKE and yes it’s a touch area instead of a touch button. It has an angular tip that fits perfectly in your ears. This is a stemless design. If you are looking for buds with stem then this is not for you. They didn’t mention the IP rating not in the box or anywhere.


It has Bluetooth 5.3 and also comes with fast pairing. Just open the case and it will automatically connect within 2-3 seconds. By the time you put on the buds, it would have been paired because it has Bluetooth 5.3. The range is also very nice about 10-11 meters there were no issues with the connection, no breakage or disturbance as such.MONOPOD feature works perfectly. As I said TRUKE has given us touch sensors they have given everything volume control. play-pause with a single tap, and double tap on the left for Google-Siri Also next previous and triple tap on the left for gaming mode up to 55ms. and the gaming experience is also very good.


Let’s talk about the sound quality. TRUKE has definitely given a very nice sound quality at a  budget price. They are going to launch it for 900 rupees initially and then raise it to 1300. If I talked according to 1300 you are getting 6mm drivers with amazing sound quality and rich BASS. Trebles are also clear but the instruments are a bit blurry due to the heavy bass. Passive noise cancellation almost cancels out the surrounding noise. This includes AAC codec which somewhat improves the sound quality for the price, TRUKE has worked on sound quality for real.


these BUDS come with a 40mah battery, TRUKE claims 40hrs battery life I got about 6plus hrs with the buds in full volume this case is about 300mah and I got about 40-42 hrs of battery life according to me it’s a very nice solid battery life for a tiny product 900 is a steal price for these, 1300 is also justified for the product with amazing sound quality, nice build quality with very good connections and strong battery life, it nails most of the basic functionality.

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