Pebble Cosmos Luxe Review – Best Smart Watch Under 4999


Pebble Cosmos Luxe‘ is the newest smartwatch which was initially launched for 4000 rupees and now selling at 4500 with amazing features. we are comparing it while giving you a detailed review, so stay tuned and tell us in the common section below which watch you liked the best.


All the watches in this price bracket including Pebble Cosmos Luxe are metallic, and this one is no exception here. You get a nice metallic design with two buttons one for display wake and sleep and the other for sports mode. There are no issues with the build quality, and you can use 22mm straps. The main highlighting feature here is 5ATM, say for eg: FIREBOLTT ALMIGHTY comes with IP67 or any other watch that gives low ratings. there is none that has 5ATM and gives so many features, which I will be talking about. it’s quite a silique being a calling watch.


I think this is one of the best calling watches in terms of looks. The DISPLAY size is 1.36inches. 360×360 resolution and it changes the watch face just by touch and is quite responsive. You can choose from so many options, the DISPLAY quality is very sharp as this is an AMOLED panel. There are no issues with this as the raise to wake works well with an always-on display, The always-on display is bright and is of nice quality, with no problems at this price bracket. All the watches come with nice AMOLED panels. it’s not like only this once is good and bright, you get 600nits of brightness which is amazing and you will have no problem outside.


pebble cosmos luxe, pebble cosmos luxe ui

the UI is very smooth. Generally, we have to compromise on UI but not with this one. It’s very smooth and even looks good. The menu here looks different and there are many differences in UI from other watches. If you have any questions, please write them in our comment section. The UI resembles that of a phone which is very nice. FIREBOLTT ALMIGHTY OR DIZO WATCH R or NOICE EVOLVE2 in this price bracket, u generally get to see nice UI. Noise evolve 2 comes with a quick reply, DIZO watch R does not have that feature, but this and fireboltt almighty.


Both have Bluetooth calling features, both of which are amazing. One problem that I faced was that I got a call on my phone and it got switched on this and there was no button to switch it back. You have to use your phone to switch it to the phone from the watch. This and fireboltt almighty come with voice assistance as well so u can activate googleSiri. talk to her about your day, and can even listen to a lullaby.  It also comes with a calculator. All the watches in this price bracket have real sensors like heart rate, SPO2, and sleep monitor. Everything is real and accurate. you also get 13 sports modes, so you wouldn’t face any issues usually in these watches.


You get a battery life of 2 days, and I got around the same with this one with calling. If you turn off calling and use it with raise to wake, and heart rate then you could expect 3.5 days of battery life without calling. For 4500 this watch is really nice, fireboltt almighty is 500 rupees more expensive, this is for 4500 rupees and if there is a sale you can get it for 4000 rupees according to me, this one is the best in this range.


If you are looking for a calling watch. You get almost everything in this watch. AMAZEFIT GTS2 mini is also a nice option, but it does not have calling. If your priorities are a good GPS and a good display then go for AMAZEFIT. If you want Bluetooth calling then this one, and if you can spend more than fireboltt almighty. But you are not getting any special features there for the price. If you want a watch under 4000  we have DIZO watch r, noise evolve2 these are my personal favorite, and you can buy them blindfolded.

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