Fireboltt Ninja 3 vs boAt Wave Neo-Smart watch Comparison!

Fireboltt Ninja3 vs boAt Wave Neo-Budget Smartwatch Comparison

Today we are going to compare a new watch BOATWAVE NEO with FIREBOLTT NINJA 3. Both are very amazing budget smartwatches. Boat and Fireboltt launched these at the same time to confuse us. so I bought both of them to clear out the confusion.


The design is very similar. Both come with a rectangular dial and a button on the side. When viewed from the side you can see that the fireboltt watch is slimmer than the boat watch. Both come with a plastic design without any use of metal. I have no issues as these are budget watches. Both come with IP68 and both have 20mm straps. I don’t think there is a major difference in design between these two.


The display of these watches is also similar, with a 1.69-inch display. They both have TFT panels, and the same resolution can be seen. I also feel that they are similar in terms of brightness. I didn’t find any major difference just that the boat watch is a bit brighter. If you look at the notches below they too are similar to some extent. If I talk about RAISE to wake, both the watch are slow, but I think that boat is a bit quicker than firebolt. There is one good thing about BOAT that is. If you lower it the display shuts off. Fireboltt watch has this timer that switches off after 5-6 seconds. Again there is not a major difference between these watches.


The best thing about these is the sensors for the 1700-2000 rupees bracket we are getting real sensors. Here we get real SPO2 SENSOR, real HEART RATE SENSORS. you don’t get to see fake readings on the table or air. When I compared them to a pulse oximeter there was a minimal difference of 0.2-2digits. And heart rate was accurate. Both the brands are giving you 24hours heart rate monitoring. BOAT gives you an extra feature of STRESS monitoring if you have any, you can keep it in check. sleep tracking is accurate in both of these watches with just a 10-12 min difference.


Both of these watches have smooth UI. Both are buttery smooth and no lag can be seen. The BOAT watch has 14 sports modes whereas, the fireboltt also has many but you have to manually add it by choosing from the menu. The best thing is this PLUS button from where you can add even more modes. These are more sports modes in the firebolt watch. Moreover, an alarm, stopwatch, flashlight, and timer are in both the watches. If you are fond of playing games then fireboltt gives you three options from which you can choose and play. I can’t decide which is nicer in terms of UI. It’s just that FIREBOLTT has more sports modes. I don’t care much about games, but if you like them then you can make your decision accordingly.


Both the watches have no issues with the connectivity they get easily paired with your device. Shows calls and message notifications on time. The battery life of both these watches is also similar. 4 plus days of battery life in both watches keeping on the 24hr heart rate monitor, raise to wake, call and message alert, and also WhatsApp notifications.


SO guys, which one should you buy. I think both the watch is superb under 2000 rupees. First is whichever you get for a cheaper price. Second, if you ask my preference then I would say BOAT because I have seen the aftersale services which are very good. The aftersales services of firebolt are questionable as some people say THEY got service some say they didn’t.

We hope you liked our blog for the caparison of two new watches from BOAT and FIREBOLTT. If you want a detailed review of these watches please tune in to our YOUTUBE channel and if you are interested in buying any of these watches please click here.

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