Best SmartWatches 2022 under ₹2000,3000,4000,5000

Best Smartwatches under ₹2000, 3000, 4000, 5000. Best Smartwatches that you should buy. From good displays to the best UI and features with battery life. We have covered all in this BLOG.


The 2000 rupees price bracket has two of my personal favorite watches. DIZO WATCH D and NOISE COLOR FIT CALIBER. we have made a comparison review which was uploaded yesterday please tune in to it. it has a detailed comparison and will help to find out which one you should buy moreover, I loved both the watches and the third watch, in case these two do not fit in your budget. you can get FIREBOLTT NINJA PRO-PLUS, it’s a lovely watch. but try to keep it as a third option and try to get these two instead.


Now let’s talk about the 3000 rupees price bracket. I just found out that FIREBOLTT MAX has dropped in price. and is around 3000 now. if you are getting it around 3000, buy it. but if it cost more, then go for NOISE COLOR FIT BRIO if you have a small wrist. it’s a very nice watch. and the second option is BOAT WAVE CONNECT, it’s an amazing calling watch. which I loved using. and finally NOISE PLUSE BUZZ, this too is a very nice calling watch that you can consider getting if you get it under 3000. so guys if you are new to our BLOGS please like and subscribe if you haven’t already and tell us in the comment section below which watch you are planning to buy or are already using.


Let’s get on to the 4000 rupees price bracket. As I told you earlier that if you get FIREBOLTT max for around 3500. you can still consider it. if you are looking for a round dial then also we have ample options. The first is NOISE EVOLVE 2, which is a perfect watch. and you will love it as well. The second is DIZO WATCH R which is also a very nice watch. the third one is PEBBLES LUXE, this one is very nice with an affordable price of about 4000. it is a very amazing AMOLED quality watch. if you looking for a square dial. then I would say get BOAT MATRIX. it’s a feature-loaded watch that comes with an AMOLED display.


Next is the 5000 rupees price bracket first is NOISE ULTRA 2. this watch is very nice with a big display and AMOLED. buy this one if you are getting it for under 4500 rupees. for above 4500 you can get AMAZEFIT GTS 2 MINI. this is also feature-loaded and comes with AMOLED and GPS. if you are looking for an AMOLED calling watch then I would suggest FIREBOLTT ALMIGHTY. but according to me, I would prefer PEBBLE LUXE than FIREBOLTT ALMIGHTY. and you will be able to get it for 500-1000 rupee fewer. guys these were some of my favorite watches of JUNE 2022. some watches are new in this category and some were launched earlier.

We hope you liked our content. if you want a more detailed review of any watch please tune in to our YOUTUBE channel. if you want to buy any of the products mentioned in this blog please click here.Chao.

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