Mivi Duopods F40-Best Budget TWS buds under ₹999

In this blog, we will review. the new TWS by MIVI-DUOPODS F40. it’s been five days since we are using these. I will be sharing my experience of using these. you are obviously getting this review late. because first, we are getting are deliveries late, and second is that I have used this nicely before making this.


Talking about the box. you can see the branding on the front of the box, nothing on the sides, and key highlights on the back. This is a MADE IN INDIA product. inside you get a user manual, welcome card, and a warranty card. with that, a type C cable and your TWS. the design is quite compact which looks premium, and doesn’t look like it’s just for 1000 rupees.


Generally, MIVI compromises with the build quality in this range. that is not the case this time. With a MATTE finishing, and branding with LED on front and a type c port. It looks very nice and I loved the quality of the LID. It is very snappy, the quality of the magnet is very nice, The LID stops where you want it to. I liked that the quality of the case or the lid is not been compromised. the buds come with a half-in-ear design. which looks very cool with a LED on top and a touch area. as this is a half-in-ear design some people might not feel comfortable with this. but I loved it despite being a full-in-ear TWS guy. I had zero issues. you can were it for long hours and it’s very steady, it would not fall out easily.


It comes with an IPX4 rating. so it can withstand water and rain to some extent. even sweat in the GYM workouts. This has BLUETOOTH 5.2, it does not have fast pairing. You have to open it and take the buds out of the case to pair it. The connection process is seamless, and it can handle up to a 10-12 meter range. Don’t forget to subscribe to NOIS TECH as they are making amazing content. and tell us in the comment section below. if you liked this product and think that it is worth buying.


MIVI has given 13mm drivers with these. The sound quality is not justified. but for the price I think is pretty good. You can expect a decent BASS. it is not that loud but good overall. The trebles are nice and clear, and the instruments and vocals are also very good. High volumes go high and passive noise cancelation works up to 70-80% in full volume. MIVI has definitely worked very well in terms of sound quality. As the company claims that it has studio-level bass, well that is not entirely true. But definitely, if you like a balanced profile, on a low budget then you 100% consider this option.


Talking about the touch controls. You can play pause with a single tap. Double tap for next-previous. Hold right for volume up and left for down. Can also activate GOOGLE-SIRI. NEMS technology is introduced to improve MIC quality. There are no gaming modes here. Battery vise, this case is 500mAh. The brand claims 8hrs battery life with 70% volume for the buds. my experience was 6+ hrs. Which is very nice battery life in budget TWS. For the case, the company claims 50+hrs at 70% volume. my experience was also 50+ hrs at 85% volume. I can definitely say that MIVI has worked amazingly in terms of battery life for 1000 rupees its definitely worth it.


With a very decent sound, the build quality is very nice as compared to the previous MIVI product. the battery life is very solid, and also the MIC quality. you wouldn’t have any issue according to me. if you are into the half-in-ear design you can buy it it does have a sound leakage, but it is a recommendable product.

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