I tested this Sasti Smartwatch, Neckband & TWS Earbuds

Guys! we all have used branded products. but today let’s check out these low-priced products. today we will check out inexpensive neckband, watch, and even a TWS. let’s see if you should buy these products or not.


Let’s start with this neckband. looks wise it looks like wired earphones. upon looking at the packaging it does not look like a wireless earphone. but this is one, and you will be shocked if I told you the price of it. I bought these online for just 150 rupees. and it comes with finger sleeves. which are useful in gaming. let’s test these, you can see the LED here. now we are connected to Bluetooth music. Let’s put this on, it’s quite irritating and there is literally no BASS. I am having a headache using these. it feels like the audio is coming from the surrounding.

The audio is not clean and using these at high volume will surely cause you ear pain. it was a very bad experience. the sound is actually breaking and secondly, it feels like it is playing in a hall or eco-like. talking about the button control. play-pause works, next-previous also works so button controls do works. but it’s an awful neckband. I had a very bad experience. given that it was just 150 rupees. but the SLEEVES are worth it, you will get these for 40-50 rupees if you buy if separately. but you got these with the neckband. they knew that the product is bad and the customers should not return it. so they included these small sleeves that you can put on your finger for gaming.


Let’s come on to the smartwatch. this watch has a camera. Simcard and a memory card. and it will cost you 870 rupees. the box only states SMARTWATCH on the front. and some key features on the side. and nothing else of any importance. you get to see the camera on the top. it is a plastic design. it is similar to the old Nokia phones that we use to have. here it has a removable back and if you remove the battery. we have put a 16GB memory card and an airtel sim card. and it comes with a micro USB port for charging. to switch it no you have to click this button on the side. upon clicking it will switch on within a few seconds. the question is will it work?

Here our watch is on. with a network bar and battery life on the top. battery life is not at all good it lasts just for 2-3 hours with full charging. there is this UI for calling. from which you can place a call. the button on the bottom is used to display wake and sleep. it also has an always-on display which can switch on the main screen. here you can click on the icon to open the dial pad to place a call. the quality of calls is good. here you get options like local calls or Bluetooth calls. we used the local call as we had put the sim card in it. the watch has some network issues. you can expect your calling experience to be fine. the watch has speakers. my calling experience was ok-ok.

The quality of the mic and speakers is also decent. it will work, but I have seen watches with more features. the menu has WhatsApp in it but it doesn’t work on the watch. there is Facebook and Twitter also but they too do not work. there is also a barcode with which you can connect it to your phone. it also has a speedometer that counts steps as well. but you have to turn it on. it has sleep monitoring which is not accurate. and this is the camera mode. that gives you access to the camera. from which you can take photos. the quality of the camera is not very good. because it is an 800-900 rupees watch. according to me, I this k that its a pass time watch. this 870 rupee watch is a toy for kids and it’s not worth buying.


Our next product is these cheap AirPods. it looked like the original AirPods to me that is why we ordered it. the price of these was about 340-350 rupees. when I bought these. inside there were 4 colors.- blue, yellow, pink, and green. I expected that it should be any of the given colors or white but it’s BLACK. it also comes with a lighting cable. the original Airpods have a glossy finish this one is MATTE. the original doesn’t look that good compared to this. and even its softer in touch. the original one gets scratches. and this one doesn’t. the quality of the lid is also good. no problem let’s connect and see.

I think these are not charged. so let’s first charge them and see. if they are useful or are not working. let’s charge it for 5-10 mins and see. and if  I talk about the manual. it says that it comes in a variety of colors. such as black, white, or grey. all the people who wanted to buy AirPods in color. can get these. it comes with blutooth5. the buds have a 30mAh battery. and the case has 300mAh. charging playback time is about 3-4 hours. not a problem. has this is a budget buds. just that it should work, we have put the buds on the charge.

we have charged the TWS for quite some time. the cable itself was not working. now we have charged it. using the original apple charger. here you can see a red LED blinking. we will let this charge for a bit, and then see. just like the original AirPods, these give a popup on your device. and you can connect it. Click on the popup to connect. and to reset. you have to hold the button on the case. I have already connected this with my device. now let’s test the sound quality. only the left one is working. and no sound is coming from the right one. it’s a useless TWS. the high volume is ok. I can’t say anything about the bass. there was a sound leakage.


Because of the half-in-ear design. I think these TWS are worthless. I got these for 350 rupees. and you should not be buying this. and please don’t fall prey to such products. so guys these were some of the cheap products. the 150 rupees neckband was decent and you get sleeves for gaming too. it’s fine for 150 rupees. and it does not have bass. this watch was also fine, the quality of the strap is ok. and it has a calling feature for 800-900. but you can not expect a nice battery life with these. and then these fake AirPods, I was quite impressed by the way they looked. but one bud was not working. that is why I will not recommend this product.

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