How to clean Airpods Pro / Any Wireless Buds Properly!

How to clean Airpods Pro / Any Wireless Buds Properly. In this video, we have shown you how you can clean your tws earbuds in detail. From cloth to sanitizer to alcohol cleaners. Full in-ear designs to half-in-ear designs. Stem and Nonstem design. We have covered everything in this video.

Link to buy cleaning products:
-Soft Brush

– Ear Cleaning Swabs


-ISO Propyl Alcohol


-Sim Ijectors

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How To Clean AirPods Properly

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Intro- 00:00
Non Stem Design- 01:06
Stem Design Full in-Ear- 03:08
Charging Case- 05:57
Stem Design Half in-Ear- 07:01
Charging Port- 08:51


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