This is value for Money TWS under ₹1500-Mozu Flexibuds Neo Review

In this blog, I will be talking about a budget TWS. that has impressed me a lot in terms of the price bracket. these are MOZU’S FLEXIBUDS NEO. and they come in a price bracket of just 1500 rupees.


I have already unboxed the black one. now let’s unbox this white one. the box itself is made of metal. they have put a great effort in terms of packaging. with branding on top, the yellow color is contrasting with black. making it stand out. it has some key features on the side and also some images of the buds. you will get a detailed user manual and warranty card. and the TWS. about which I will be talking in detail. along with extra ear tips and a type C cable.


Talking about the build quality. both these buds come with MATTE finishing and look good. both the colors look good. and there is a carbon fiber texture on the top. which keeps it stable. and at the bottom is the charging port. with branding and a LED on the front. the quality of the led magnet is good. but the lid itself is a bit loose. a blocking mechanism would have been great. the brand has definitely worked on the design and packaging.


DESIGN of the bud. it has a short stem design with a touch area and led. it looks good and fits angular. this will perfectly fit in your ear. it weighs only 4gms, while the case is about 37gms. which makes the total of 47-48gms. it is light weighted and very comfortable. the brand has definitely put in its best efforts. it won’t irritate your ears in any way. no issue with the comfort level.


You have to take the bud out of the case. to connect with your device. it comes with Bluetooth 5.0. and can handle a 10-12 meter range easily. even more in an open area. talking about the touch controls. a single tap on right to volume up and on left to volume down. double-tap for music to play and pause. and triple tap to activate google and Siri. hold the right to the next music and hold the left for the previous music.


The sound quality is nice. it has 10mm drivers. the bass is good, not too high but still very nice. the high volumes were going high nicely. I think that the sound quality is excellent in terms of price. you won’t get an amplified bass here. so if you prefer more bass then this might not be the one. I like a balanced profile and it worked well in that parameter. if you change the setting you can expect more bass. but generally, people don’t do that. I think with a normal default setting you will get a very nice sound quality.


In conclusion, The battery life. these buds are 40mAh. and the case is 300mAh. the battery life of the buds was 4-5 hrs. and with the case, it was about 15hrs. I can definitely say that the battery life of the buds is good. but the case has disappointed me .according to me this is a decent product. and it’s worth buying. with decent sound quality, nice build quality, with no issues in connection, battery life was also good, with decent mic quality.

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