Ambrane AeroSync Duo Launched with 20W MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand at ₹ 2,999!

Introducing the Ambrane AeroSync Duo, a sleek 20W MagSafe 2-in-1 wireless charging stand for iPhone and AirPods. Efficient, stylish, and just ₹2999!

Our gadgets have become indispensable in a world that increasingly relies on technology. Keeping them powered up efficiently and conveniently has become a top priority. Enter the Ambrane AeroSync Duo 20W MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand, a game-changer in the realm of wireless charging solutions. Whether you’re working from home or on the go, this sleek, stylish, and highly functional charging stand is designed to keep your iPhone and Apple AirPods juiced up without the hassle of tangled wires.

In this blog post, we delve into everything you need to know about the AeroSync Duo, from its standout features to why it deserves a spot on your desk.

Unboxing the AeroSync Duo

Unboxing the AeroSync Duo is an experience in itself. The packaging is sleek and modern, reflecting the premium nature of the product inside. Here’s what you can expect:

  • AeroSync Duo Charging Stand
  • Type-C to Type-C Cable
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card

Setting up the AeroSync Duo is a breeze. Simply plug the Type-C cable into the charging stand and connect it to a power source. The magnetic alignment ensures your devices snap into place effortlessly.

Why Choose Ambrane AeroSync Duo?

Ambrane, a well-known name in the tech accessories industry, has yet again raised the bar with its latest offering. The AeroSync Duo stands out with its dual magnetic charging capability, delivering a total output of 20W. Here’s why this wireless charging stand is a must-have:

  1. Dual Charging Capabilities
    • MagSafe Compatibility: The AeroSync Duo supports MagSafe, providing up to 15W output for iPhones.
    • Qi Wireless Charging: For other Qi-enabled devices, including Android phones, it offers a 7.5W output.
    • Simultaneous Charging: Charge your iPhone and Apple AirPods simultaneously with a combined 20W output.
  2. Premium Design and Build
    • High-Quality Metal Construction: Crafted from premium metal, the AeroSync Duo exudes sophistication and durability.
    • Lightweight and Portable: Its compact design makes it an ideal travel companion, fitting seamlessly into any workspace or travel bag.
    • LED Indicators: Stylish LED indicators enhance its aesthetic appeal while providing at-a-glance charging status.
  3. Advanced Charging Technology
    • BoostedSpeed Technology: Experience faster charging with up to 15W output for MagSafe devices and 7.5W for Qi-enabled gadgets.
    • SafeCharge Technology: Equipped with multiple protection mechanisms against over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short-circuiting.
  4. User-Friendly Features
    • Flexible Charging Orientation: Use it in both landscape and portrait modes, perfect for hands-free video calls, watching movies, or browsing.
    • Universal Compatibility: The magnetic ring ensures MagSafe compatibility and also supports Qi-compatible Android devices.
    • Type-C PD Input: The 27W Type-C Power Delivery input ensures fast power transfer, minimizing downtime.

Detailed Specifications

To help you make an informed decision, here are the detailed specifications of the Ambrane AeroSync Duo:

  • Premium Metal Build
  • Stylish Base LED Indication
  • Lightweight & Portable; Perfect for Desks
  • Landscape & Portrait mode
  • MagSafe + Wireless Charging (Qi)
  • Dual Charging Output (15W + 5W)
  • Input: 27W Max. (Type-C)
  • 20W Total BoostedSpeed
  • Safe Charge Technology
  • UniSaviour Compatibility
  • 180 Days Warranty
  • Pricing: Rs. 2,999
  • Availability: Available on Amazon and the Ambrane website

Real-World Performance

Having put the AeroSync Duo to the test, its real-world performance lives up to the hype. The magnetic alignment for MagSafe devices is strong, ensuring your iPhone stays securely in place even with vibrations from notifications. The charging speed is impressive, with an iPhone reaching 50% charge in under 30 minutes.

The stand’s versatility is a highlight, allowing you to use your phone in both portrait and landscape modes without disrupting the charging process. This is particularly useful for video calls, streaming, and multitasking.

Enhanced Workspace Aesthetics

Beyond functionality, the AeroSync Duo is designed to enhance your workspace. Its sleek metal build and stylish LED indicators add a touch of elegance to any desk setup. The LED lights are not just for show; they provide useful information about the charging status at a glance.

Safety First

Ambrane’s SafeCharge Technology provides peace of mind, knowing your devices are protected against potential risks such as over-voltage, over-current, overheating, and short-circuiting. This is particularly important given the premium nature of your charging devices.

Comparisons with Competitors

Compared to other wireless charging stands in the market, the AeroSync Duo holds its own. It offers competitive pricing at Rs. 2,999, which is a steal considering the premium build quality and advanced features it packs. Competitors in the same price range often fall short in either build quality or charging speed.

Conclusion: Ambrane AeroSync Duo

The Ambrane AeroSync Duo 20W MagSafe 2-in-1 Wireless Charging Stand is more than just a charger; it’s a stylish, efficient, and safe charging solution for your essential devices. Whether you’re looking to declutter your desk, enhance your workspace aesthetics, or simply want a reliable and fast charging option, the AeroSync Duo is the way to go.

Ready to upgrade your charging game? Get your hands on the Ambrane AeroSync Duo now! Available on Amazon and the Ambrane website for just Rs. 2,999. Don’t miss out on this perfect blend of style, functionality, and advanced technology.


Q: Can I use the AeroSync Duo with non-MagSafe devices?
A: Yes, the AeroSync Duo supports Qi-enabled devices, including many Android phones, with up to 7.5W output.

Q: Is the AeroSync Duo portable?
A: Absolutely! Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry and perfect for desks, both at home and in the office.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the AeroSync Duo comes with a 180-day warranty.

Q: What is BoostedSpeed Technology?
A: BoostedSpeed Technology provides faster charging with up to 15W output for MagSafe devices and 7.5W for other Qi-enabled gadgets.

With the Ambrane AeroSync Duo, enjoy the perfect blend of speed, safety, and style. Make the smart choice for your devices today!

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