VertIcons Icon Pack
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ð??¸2050 high quality icons '
'ð??¸3500 themed activities '
'ð??¸Fresh icon shape '
'ð??¸Regular updates and consistent user support '
'ð??¸Material Palette colors and gradients '
'ð??¸Cloud based custom made QHD vector Wallpapers '
'ð??¸256x256 hand-crafted icons '
'ð??¸Simple dark Icon Masking '
'ð??¸Dynamic calendar support [Does not support samsung calendar] '
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'Bored of circular icons? Try something new...... '
'When your smartphone has an elongated display, shouldn't your icons be rectangular? '
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'Compliments your 18:9 ratio screens.... '
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'VertIcons is a rectangular material icon pack that loosely sticks to material design guidelines, tweaking them for a fresh user experience. In particular this icon pack avoids use of long shadow and makes extensive use of drop shadows and vivid colors. '
'Supports most major launchers like Nova Launcher, including many which are not included in the application menu like Microsoft Launcher.[LG STOCK launcher and ATOM launcher are not supported].