System UI Tuner - launcher shortcut
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First introduced in Android Marshmallow, Google included a hidden menu with experimental options called System UI Tuner.

The option to launch System UI Tuner in Android 9 & 10 has been removed by Google, but the utility does still exist.

This application is simply a shortcut to launch the hidden System UI Tuner menu without the need to use ADB or install a custom launcher. This works the same as Google's own method of launching the UI Tuner in previous Android versions. Any features that the UI Tuner lacks are not something that I have control over, please contact Google if you would like to make a feature request or suggestion.

This will work on all stock AOSP and Pixel builds of Android 9/10. Third-party manufacturers may choose to disable this menu completely in their custom builds.

Note: Some features of System UI Tuner in Android 9/10 are broken (such as hiding certain icons), there is nothing that I can do to correct this, as it is part of the Android system. This app simply opens the stock built-in Android UI Tuner..