Amazon announces Rufus, a new generative AI-powered conversational shopping experience | Feb 2024

Discover a new era personalized shopping with Rufus, Amazon's AI assistant! Get recommendations, compare products, and enjoy a smarter shopping ecperience!

Amazon has once again raised the bar by introducing Rufus, an innovative AI-powered shopping assistant, directly integrated into its mobile app. This exciting development promises to revolutionize the way users navigate the vast Amazon marketplace, making the shopping experience more personalized and convenient than ever before.


Amazon unveils Rufus, an AI shopping assistant for product queries, recommendations, and comparisons. Explore its key features, Amazon app integration, and its mission to enhance the overall shopping experience.

Rufus Unleashed:

Rufus leverages Amazon’s extensive product catalog and information gathered from the internet, providing users with a virtual shopping companion capable of answering a wide range of questions. Currently in beta, Rufus is gradually rolling out to a select group of users in the US, with plans to expand its availability in the coming weeks.

How Rufus Works:

Accessible through the Amazon app, Rufus operates seamlessly as an AI chatbot. Users can pose questions about products, seek recommendations based on preferences, compare items, and discover new products. The AI is trained not only on product catalogs but also incorporates insights from customer reviews and community Q&As, ensuring a well-rounded and personalized interaction.

Getting Started with Rufus:

To embark on a shopping journey with Rufus, users simply need to update their Amazon app. Typing or speaking questions into the search bar activates the Rufus chat dialog box, which appears at the bottom of the screen. Users can expand the dialog box to view answers, tap on suggested questions, and even ask follow-up queries. For a seamless transition, dismissing Rufus is as easy as swiping down, and returning users to traditional search results.

Why Rufus Matters:

Amazon’s dedication to enhancing user experience is evident through innovations like Rufus. By integrating generative AI capabilities into the shopping app, Amazon aims to make the platform more intuitive, user-friendly, and personalized. The utilization of customer reviews and community insights ensures that Rufus provides not just information but valuable recommendations based on real user experiences.


As Rufus begins its journey into the hands of select users, the future of online shopping on Amazon looks promising. Redefining user interactions, this AI shopping assistant enhances intuitive and personalized product discovery, comparison, and decision-making on the platform. Watch for Rufus, evolving and reaching more users soon. It transforms your Amazon shopping into a delightful, tailored adventure.

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