boAt Airdopes 311 Pro: Game-Changing Audio with 50H Battery Life (Under ₹1200!)

The all-new boAt Airdopes 311 Pro boasts a sleek transparent design & a massive 50 hours of playtime! Perfect for workouts, commutes, or just getting lost in your music. Shop now & experience superior sound!

Calling all audiophiles and fitness enthusiasts! boAt, a leading name in the wearables market, has just dropped its latest offering – the boAt Airdopes 311 Pro. These true wireless earbuds (TWS) promise an unparalleled combination of style, sound, and endurance, making them a perfect companion for your daily grind or workout sessions.

Intrigued? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into everything the boAt Airdopes 311 Pro has to offer!

boAt Airdopes 311 Pro: Design

Gone are the days of bulky, opaque charging cases. The boAt Airdopes 311 Pro boasts a sleek, transparent design that adds a touch of modern flair to your tech collection. But don’t let the looks fool you – these earbuds pack a punch when it comes to sound quality.

Equipped with 10mm drivers, the Airdopes 311 Pro delivers boAt’s signature sound – a perfect balance of deep bass, crisp highs, and clear mids. Whether you’re jamming to your favorite tunes, engrossed in an audiobook, or taking calls, the audio experience is guaranteed to be immersive and enjoyable.

boAt Airdopes 311 Pro: Connectivity

A seamless connection is key to a frustration-free music experience. The Airdopes 311 Pro features advanced Bluetooth v5.3, ensuring a stable and reliable connection with your device. No more annoying dropouts or audio lags – just pure, uninterrupted listening pleasure.

For the gamers out there, the Airdopes 311 Pro comes with a special feature – BEAST Mode. This mode minimizes latency to a mere 50ms, providing a near-sync between your audio and visuals, crucial for competitive gaming.

Crystal-Clear Calls with Environmental Noise Reduction

Making calls with earbuds can sometimes be a challenge, especially in noisy environments. The boAt Airddoses 311 Pro tackles this issue with its dual microphones enhanced with ENx technology. This technology effectively reduces background noise, ensuring your voice is transmitted clearly during calls.

And for those who rely on virtual assistants like Google Assistant or Siri, the Airdopes 311 Pro has you covered. With a simple tap, you can access your voice assistant and get things done hands-free, whether it’s checking the weather, scheduling reminders, or controlling your music playback.

Power Up Your Day with 50 Hours of Playtime

Let’s face it, running out of battery in the middle of your workout session or favorite playlist is a major buzzkill. The boAt Airdopes 311 Pro eliminates this worry with a staggering 50 hours of total playtime. This translates to days of uninterrupted listening without scrambling for a charger.

Even if you’re caught off guard by a low battery, the Airdopes 311 Pro’s ASAP Charge technology comes to the rescue. Just a quick 10-minute charge using the Type-C charging cable provides a whopping 150 minutes of playtime, getting you back on track in no time.

Built to Withstand Your Active Lifestyle

The boAt Airdopes 311 Pro isn’t just about great sound; it’s also built to keep up with your active lifestyle. With an IPX4 rating, these earbuds are sweat and water-resistant, making them ideal for hitting the gym, going for a run, or getting caught in unexpected showers. So, feel free to push your limits without worrying about damaging your earbuds.

Additional Features to Enhance Your Experience

The boAt Airdopes 311 Pro comes packed with additional features that elevate your overall experience:

  • Hearable App Compatibility: Get the most out of your earbuds with the boAt Hearable app, allowing you to customize EQ settings, locate your earbuds, and access other handy features.
  • Google Fast Pair: Enjoy a quick and effortless pairing process with compatible Android devices.
  • Insta Wake N’ Pair (IWP) Technology: No more fumbling with buttons. The earbuds automatically pair with your device as soon as you open the charging case.
  • Voice Assistant Support: Access your virtual assistant (Google Assistant or Siri) with a simple tap for voice-controlled actions.
  • 1-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with boAt’s 1-year warranty on the Airdopes 311 Pro.

Is the boAt Airdopes 311 Pro Right for You?

With its impressive combination of features – long-lasting battery life, crystal-clear audio, clear calling capabilities, and a stylish design – the boAt Airdopes 311 Pro emerges as a compelling option for a wide range of users. Here’s a breakdown to help you decide if these earbuds fit your needs:

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