Camera Comparisons: Nothing Phone 2a vs Oneplus Nord CE 4 vs Motorola Edge 50 Pro vs Realme 12 Pro Plus – Who Captures Your Moments Best?

Struggling to pick the perfect camera phone? We compare Nothing Phone 2a, Motorola Edge 50 Pro & Realme 12 Pro Plus! Capture stunning day & night shots, zoom in for details & more. Find your best match here!

In the fiercely competitive world of smartphones, camera performance remains a top priority for many users. After all, our phones are the constant companions that capture life’s precious moments, big and small. So, if you’re looking for a new phone and exceptional camera quality is high, you might be considering the Nothing Phone 2a, Motorola Edge 50 Pro, or Realme 12 Pro Plus Pro. But which one reigns supreme? We put them all to the test in this Camera Comparisons to help you decide.

Camera Comparisons: A Day-Time Photography

Our camera shootout began with good old-fashioned daylight shots. Here’s what we found:

  • Exposure Balancing: This is where the Moto Edge 50 Pro faltered slightly, with some photos appearing overexposed. The Nothing Phone 2a delivered a recent update that improved color pop, while the Realme 12 Pro + struck a good balance between light and detail.
  • Little Jewels Building: The Moto Edge 50 Pro emerged as the crowd-pleaser here, capturing pleasing colors, textures, and a natural-looking sky. OnePlus, however, displayed a slight underexposure.
  • 50MP Flower (Yellow): Both Nothing Phone 2a and Moto Edge 50 Pro excelled at depicting vibrant greens, while Realme captured slightly more detail when zooming in.
  • 50MP Green Leaves: When it comes to natural colors, Realme and OnePlus stay true to life. The Moto and Nothing phones exhibited a color pop effect, with Moto struggling with dynamic range in the sky.
  • 50MP Sunset on Bridge: This is where the Realme 12 Pro Plus truly shined, capturing a natural-looking sky and a balanced overall shot. The Nothing Phone 2a over-processed the scene, while the Moto Edge 50 Pro didn’t handle the sun flare as well.

Night Time Camera Performance

Low-light photography is a true test of a phone’s camera prowess. Here’s how our contenders fared:

  • Night 1: Despite the Moto Edge 50 Pro’s color pop and slightly warm tones, it delivered good textures and details, with minimal light flare compared to the Realme and OnePlus.
  • Night Hotel Photo 1x: While the Moto displayed color pop and a slightly underexposed sky, the Nothing Phone 2a grappled with light flare. Realme offered a decent balance, but details were lacking across all phones.
  • Same Photo in 3x Zoom: Realme emerged victorious here, capturing natural warm colors and good details. The Moto offered a darker shot, while Nothing introduced a red tint.
  • Night 3 Ring Light: This round proved challenging for all. OnePlus Nord CE 4 struggled with a dark photo, while Realme and Moto battled light flare and color issues.
  • Night Mode 6 Ring Light: The Moto Edge 50 Pro impressed with natural colors, despite a slightly red skin tone. While Nothing offered a warm photo, details were lacking on Zoom. Realme aimed for a natural look, but the light source caused a yellow cast on faces.

Portraits: Capturing You in Your Best Light

Portraits are all about capturing stunning close-ups. This is how the phones stacked up:

  • Portrait 1x: Realme’s photo suffered from a dark face, while the others performed similarly.
  • Portrait 3x Zoom: This round belonged to Realme, with exceptional edge detection and great zoom capabilities. While the Moto also offered zoom options, it struggled with edge detection and displayed a red tint. Nothing offered a decent 2x zoom photo for the price point.
  • Portrait 3x Zoom (Azhar): Realme captured the most natural skin tone and color, while the Moto oversaturated reds and the Nothing Phone 2a displayed sky and edge detection issues.

The Best Camera Comparison with Ultrawide and Zoom

Ultrawide lenses allow you to capture expansive landscapes, while zoom lenses bring distant subjects closer. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Ultrawide: The Moto Edge 50 Pro excelled here, preserving details and avoiding the crushed blacks that plagued the Realme and OnePlus photos. The Nothing Phone 2a also performed well, offering a 50MP ultrawide sensor with good detail.
  • Zoom: Realme boasts a powerful periscope lens, offering 3x and impressive 6x zoom capabilities with minimal quality loss. While the Moto offered a decent 30x zoom, Realme’s 120x option is a clear advantage. The Nothing Phone 1’s 10x zoom produced unusable photos, and OnePlus’s 20x zoom met the same fate.

Selfies: Striking a Pose

  • Selfie 1 (Azhar): The Nothing Phone2a1’s selfie fell flat with an unnatural yellowish tone. While Realme captured less detail compared to the OnePlus Nord CE 4, it delivered a natural skin tone. However, the Moto Edge 50 Pro stole the show with its 50MP sensor, producing sharp selfies with a slight warmth in tone.
  • Selfie 2 (Kaif – Portrait): Overprocessing plagued the Nothing Phone 2a’s selfie here, with unnatural orange lips. OnePlus delivered a good photo for the price, while Realme and Moto presented a close call. Both captured the subject well, making it a tough decision. We declare this round a draw!

The Verdict: (The Best Camera Comparisons ) A Camera for Every Need!

Choosing the ultimate camera champion depends on your priorities. Here’s a quick breakdown of this Camera Comparisons:

  • Overall: Both the Moto Edge 50 Pro and Realme 12 Pro plus emerged as strong contenders, excelling in different areas. The Moto impressed with natural-looking daylight photos, good low-light performance with details, and a stellar 50MP selfie sensor (albeit with a slightly warm tone). Realme countered with exceptional zoom capabilities, particularly its powerful 6x periscope lens and impressive 120x option. It also captured natural colors in many scenarios.
  • Normal Photos: This is a close call between Moto and Realme. Moto excels in daylight with pleasing colors and textures, while Realme shines in some low-light situations with natural colors.
  • Night Photography: Both Moto and Realme have their strengths. Moto handles textures and details well in low light, while Realme delivers natural colors in some scenarios. Neither is perfect, and light flare can be an issue for both.
  • Portraits: Realme takes the crown for zoom portraits with its excellent edge detection and natural colors. Moto offers good portrait options but can struggle with color accuracy at times. Nothing Phone 2a provides a decent 2x zoom option but falls short in the Zoom department.
  • Ultrawide: The Moto Edge 50 Pro reigns supreme here, preserving details and avoiding crushed blacks that plague some competitors.
  • Zoom: Realme boasts the most impressive zoom capabilities with its 6x periscope lens and decent 120x option.
  • Selfies: The Moto Edge 50 Pro edges out the competition with its sharp 50MP sensor, although the warmth in tone might be a turn-off for some.

The Final Camera Battle

Ultimately, the best camera phone for you depends on your individual needs. Realme 12 Pro Plus is a strong choice if natural colors and zoom capabilities are paramount. If you prioritize detailed low-light photos and a stellar selfie camera, the Moto Edge 50 Pro might be your perfect match. The Nothing Phone 2a offers a competitive camera system at a potentially lower price point, but it falls short in some key areas compared to the other two contenders.

We recommend checking out sample photos online and considering your priorities before making your final Camera comparisons decision. No matter which phone you choose, you’re sure to capture some amazing memories with its camera!

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