Duracell’s New Power Banks: M150 and M250 with MagSafe Charger and Massive Capacity

Discover Duracell's new M150 and M250 power banks - style meets substance with MagSafe charger and colossal capacity!

In the ever-evolving world of technology, traditional battery manufacturer Duracell is making its presence known in the power bank market. Duracell has recently unveiled two power banks that not only pack a punch in terms of performance but also boast a charming battery-themed design. In this blog, we’ll explore the features and specifications of these two Duracell power banks, the M150 and M250, which are set to change the way we stay charged on the go.

Duracell M150: A Power-Packed Companion

Duracell M150: A Power-Packed Companion

The Duracell M150 is a 25,000mAh power bank that not only resembles a giant Duracell battery but also comes with a built-in MagSafe charger, making it a versatile charging companion.

Capacity and Weight:

The M150 power bank weighs in at 816 grams and boasts a hefty 25,000mAh battery capacity, providing ample power to keep your devices running.

Charging Options:

With two USB-C ports, the M150 offers high-speed charging with 100W and 60W outputs. In addition, it features two USB-A ports, each capable of delivering 18W charging. This means you can charge multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring that you and your gadgets stay powered up throughout the day.

Wireless Charging:

The Duracell M150 also surprises users with a Qi charging pad featuring an integrated magnetic ring on the top. This allows you to charge your devices wirelessly, making it even more convenient for those who prefer a cable-free experience.


You can charge the M150 via USB-C at 60W or by using a wireless charging dock, providing you with flexibility in recharging the device.

Duracell M250:

A Powerhouse in Disguise Heading: “Duracell M250: A Powerhouse in Disguise”

The Duracell M250 is the big brother of the M150, offering a colossal 60,000mAh (216Wh) battery capacity, which is perfect for those who require an immense power source while on the go.

Similar Port Configuration:

The M250 features a similar port architecture to the M150, providing users with the same high-speed charging options. With up to 100W charging capacity, this power bank can quickly replenish your devices’ energy.

Added Illumination:

The M250 boasts one unique feature: its large ring LED, which illuminates your surroundings with the press of a button. This added utility is handy when you find yourself in low-light conditions.

Extra Storage Space:

The M250 distinguishes itself by offering additional storage space for another charger, guaranteeing that you won’t be caught off guard without the necessary cables.

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