Fireboltt Dream Wristphone: Your Android OS Smartwatch Review!

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Fireboltt Dream, undeniably a game-changer, offers more than just a smartwatch experience, seamlessly blending style and functionality. Price starting at an enticing 5999/- INR, this wristphone boasts a unique design, advanced features, and the power of an Android OS. Let’s dive into the details of the Fireboltt Dream and explore why it might be the unconventional gadget you’ve been waiting for.

Design Innovation:

Fireboltt Dream’s design takes cues from the Apple Watch but introduces a slightly thicker profile, emphasizing a robust build. The inclusion of a rotating crown and power button on one side, coupled with a speaker, creates a convenient control hub. On the opposite side, users will find a mic and a SIM card tray, allowing the insertion of a 4G Indian SIM card for a standalone communication experience. A noteworthy tip: after inserting the SIM, a simple restart ensures a seamless network connection.

Display Brilliance:

The 2.02-inch display with symmetrical bezels steals the show, boasting 600 nits brightness and a crisp 320x380px resolution. The 60Hz refresh rate contributes to a smooth and responsive user interface, providing an enjoyable visual experience.

Features Galore:

Android OS 8:

Fireboltt Dream runs on Android OS 8, offering a familiar interface with a host of features.

Hardware Specifications:

Powered by a Quad-Core CPU, 2GB RAM, and 16GB internal storage, the watch may exude a vintage charm, yet it robustly supports a plethora of applications.

Android-like Experience:

The OS mirrors the look and feel of Android, complete with a swipe-down notification panel, a fully functional browser, and an array of settings for connectivity, display, and sound.

Playstore Access:

With a fully functional Play Store, Fireboltt Dream allows users to explore and download over 1000 third-party apps, bringing versatility to your wrist.

App Compatibility:

Tested apps include WhatsApp, YouTube, and even Zomato for seamless food ordering. The in-built GPS ensures Google Maps functionality without a hitch. While PUBG is downloadable, it’s important to note a caution: the game may experience lags owing to its graphic requirements.

Battery Life:

The Fireboltt Dream houses an 800mAh battery, providing flexibility based on usage patterns. Expect 12 to 16 hours under heavy use and an impressive 24 to 36 hours with lighter usage.

Android OS wali Smartwatch – Fireboltt Dream Review!


In a saturated smartwatch market, Fireboltt Dream stands out as a unique wristphone with Android OS, third-party apps, TWS, SIM card, and standalone browser, liberating you from your smartphone. At the competitive price starting from 6000 INR, it’s an opportunity to embrace the extraordinary.

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