Google Pixel 7 After 1.5 Years – Long Term Review!

Unlock the Pixel 7 secrets! Dive into our in-depth review for insights on the ultimate camera, sleek design, and Android 14 experience. #Pixel7Review 📱✨

With the tech world abuzz about the latest advancements, Google Pixel 7 remains in the limelight. In this comprehensive long-term review, we delve deep into the Pixel 7’s performance, uncovering its strengths, addressing concerns, and analyzing its potential to stand as the ultimate smartphone powerhouse.

Design and Build:

Featuring Gorilla Glass Victus, the Pixel 7 boasts durability but struggles with scratches on the camera visor. Despite this, its compact design offers an ergonomic in-hand feel, though using it without a cover might cause slight pocket resistance.


The Pixel 7’s 6.32-inch OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate remains commendable in 2024, holding its own against competitors.


Undoubtedly, the Pixel 7 camera reigns supreme in its price bracket, owing to exceptional hardware and Google’s exemplary software and post-processing. With stellar HDR control, vibrant colors, and prowess in various modes, i

Camera Samples of Google Pixel 7

t’s a photography powerhouse. However, the ultrawide lens exhibits slight sharpness issues when zoomed in due to a smaller megapixel count.

Whether you’re capturing in normal mode, experimenting with portrait shots, or diving into the mysteries of the night, this smartphone’s camera proves its mettle across various scenarios. Each mode excels in delivering stunning photos, making it your all-in-one photographic companion.


Boasting Android 14 and pristine stock Android, the Pixel 7 offers a seamless user experience. With Google’s signature features like Magic Eraser and photo enhancements, it stands out in the software realm.


Heating Concerns: Despite the prowess of the Tensor G2 chip, heating issues prevail, especially during extensive multitasking or prolonged usage. However, normal usage remains unaffected.

Network Challenges: Some users encountered call drop issues, particularly with certain carriers like Jio. However, disabling VoLTE seemed to resolve this for affected individuals.

Touch & Charging Problems: Issues with short touches, long touches, and charging were reported, but solutions like registering fingers twice or using PD 3.0 PPS supported chargers provided remedies.


In conclusion, the Google Pixel 7 remains a significant contender in the smartphone arena, offering unparalleled camera capabilities, robust software, and a refined user experience. While it’s not devoid of minor issues like heating during extensive usage, its overall performance and features make it a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts.

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