Google Pixel 8 Pro after 4 Months – Long Term Review!

Google Pixel 8 Pro: Battery champ, or overheating? My 4-month experience reveals the unfiltered truth.

The anticipation’s over, folks! The Google Pixel 8 Pro has officially launched in India, and boy, is Google taking this market seriously. The marketing push is huge, the phone’s now “Made in India,” but that premium price tag is still enough to make you think twice. Is Google finally giving India the premium Pixel experience it deserves, or are we still playing second fiddle to Samsung and Apple?

I’ve been putting the Google Pixel 8 Pro through its paces, and I’ve got a lot to say – the good, the bad, and the slightly confusing. Let’s dive in!

Google Pixel 8 Pro Design: A Polished, Premium Look

Love it or hate it, the Pixel’s design is unique. Here’s my breakdown:

  • Good: The matte finish looks and feels great, and say goodbye to fingerprint smudges! But it does make the phone slightly slippery.
  • The Visor: It’s Google’s signature camera bump, and it stands out. Be warned, it’s prone to scratches if you place your phone flat on its back. It’s almost like Google wants you to place it screen-down for that free marketing, right?
  • “Pixel = Status Symbol?”: People notice the Pixel. I fielded more “Is that a Pixel?” questions than usual. There’s a cachet to this phone.
  • Build Quality: Feels solid and premium. No obvious scratches for me yet!
  • Haptics and Speakers: Excellent haptics, loud and clear speakers. A definite plus.

Display: A Visual Feast

The Pixel 8 Pro’s display is eye candy:

  • Super Bright: That 2400-nit peak brightness is seriously impressive. Outdoor visibility? No problem.
  • Flat Display: A welcome change, makes the phone easier to use without accidental touches.
  • Colors: Vivid and accurate.
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Functional but not blazing fast. Pixels seem to consistently lag here.

Google Pixel 8 Pro Battery: All-Day Power (or Does it?)

The 5000mAh battery in the Pixel 8 Pro comfortably saw me through a full day of regular use. No more midday battery panic!

Overheating: Does the Tensor G3 Run Hot?

One of the biggest concerns with previous Pixels has been overheating. The Tensor G3 chip promises improvements, but does it deliver? Here’s what my tests revealed:

  • Thread Test: No major issues here. Even heavy multitasking didn’t cause the Pixel 8 Pro to break a sweat.
  • 1-Hour Gaming Test: Things get a bit warmer during extended gaming sessions, but it’s manageable and doesn’t affect performance.
  • Camera Test (4K 60FPS for 30 minutes): The camera caused noticeable heat, especially during extended video recording. It’s something to keep in mind.
  • Outdoor Camera Test: Even normal outdoor use pushed the temperature up a bit. While not alarming it’s worth noting.

My Take: Though the Tensor G3 shows improvement, it’s still not perfect when it comes to thermal management. Be prepared for some warmth, especially if you’re a heavy gamer or videographer.

Camera: The Pixel Magic (With a Few Hiccups)

Pixel phones are known for their camera prowess, and the Pixel 8 Pro keeps the bar high. But it’s not perfect:

Main 50MP Camera: Fantastic shots in almost any lighting. The hallmark of Pixel cameras.
Raw Photos: A boon for photographers who want max editing control.

Color Tones: Slightly cooler this time. Sometimes, colors felt a bit off compared to reality.
Dynamic Range: Handles bright and dark areas well but can sometimes crush shadows.
Ultrawide: Great detail and dynamic range. Virtually no color shift between lenses.
Macro Mode: Thanks to the high-resolution sensor, you can take good close-up shots.
Telephoto: 5x zoom is solid. I compared shots to the iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it’s close!
Moon Shots: The iPhone still beat the Pixel here, both in color and detail.
Overall: Excellent camera system, but I still feel it falls slightly short of the best.
Video: Noticeably improved with the ‘Video Boost’ feature adding a touch of polish

Portrait Mode: Edge detection can be hit or miss.

Night Mode: Good, but colors can look slightly inaccurate at times.

Software and Extra Features

  • Android 14: Smooth, clean, and no issues to report. Plus, 7 years of promised updates? This phone will outlive your last two relationships!
  • Gemini vs. Google Assistant: If you’re curious, give Gemini a try. It’s Google’s more advanced AI assistant.
  • All the Google Goodness: You get the usual fantastic Google features, it’s a pocket-sized Google brain.
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Improved but still slightly slower than the competition.

The Verdict: So, Should You Buy the Google Pixel 8 Pro?

Here’s a quick pros and cons breakdown:


  • Unique, premium design
  • Phenomenal camera (most of the time)
  • Excellent display
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Clean Android experience with lengthy updates
  • Google AI smarts


  • Overheating can be an issue
  • Slightly inconsistent camera performance
  • Fingerprint scanner lags behind the competition
  • High price tag for the Indian market

The Big Question: Is the price justified?

Honestly, it’s a tough call. Google has brought a genuinely great smartphone to India, something we usually don’t get. It’s built well, packs top-tier specs, and that camera usually delivers the goods. But, the price tag puts it squarely against the absolute best from Samsung and Apple.

Here’s my bottom line – if these things matter to you, the Pixel 8 Pro is worth it:

  • You Crave a Pure Android Experience: If stock Android and those timely Google updates and feature drops are important to you.
  • You Want the “Anti-iPhone”: The Pixel is a statement, and that visor stands out.
  • The Camera is Your Life: The Pixel 8 Pro comes incredibly close to being the absolute best smartphone camera out there. If photos (and some videos) are your priority, it’s hard to beat.

If these don’t resonate, and you’re budget-conscious, then the Pixel 8 Pro might not make the most sense. Samsung and others might offer a better value proposition.

Wrapping Up

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is an impressive piece of tech, no doubt. While Google’s finally paying attention to the Indian market, it still feels like they’re testing the waters when it comes to pricing. It’s a great phone, but whether it’s the right one for you will depend entirely on what you prioritize and how much of a dent in your wallet you can handle.

Let me know your thoughts! Did I miss any important points? Are you considering buying the Pixel 8 Pro?

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