Honor Watch GS 4 with 1.43″ Amoled Display & Band 9 Launched in India

HONOR Watch GS 4 & Band 9 debut with stunning AMOLED displays, advanced health monitoring, and super long battery life. Which wearable will elevate your lifestyle? #HONOR

HONOR is shaking up the wearable market with the stunning debut of the Watch GS 4 and Band 9. These new devices seamlessly blend premium design with powerful health and fitness features. If you want to elevate your wrist game in 2024, HONOR has something truly special for you. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about these exciting releases.

HONOR Watch GS 4:

The HONOR Watch GS 4 embodies elegance with its ultra-slim design, genuine gold plating, and choice of luxurious leather or sporty silicone straps. This smartwatch isn’t just about looks, though. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Display: The vibrant 1.43-inch AMOLED display boasts a 326 PPI and 466×466 pixel resolution, ensuring crystal-clear everything you see. Plus, with over 8000 customizable watch faces, you can personalize your watch to match your style perfectly.
  • Long-lasting Battery: You won’t have to worry about constantly charging the Watch GS 4. Forget frequent chargers – this wearable powerhouse offers up to 14 days of battery life. And for busy days, HONOR delivers; a mere 5-minute charge delivers a full day of use!
  • Precision Sensors: The Watch GS 4 is your ultimate health companion. It features eight precision sensors, including heart rate and air pressure sensors, plus support for five satellite positioning systems to track your every move. From steps to sleep, this smartwatch has you covered.
  • Powerhouse Features: NFC, Bluetooth calling, WeChat and Alipay support, over 100 sports modes – it’s hard to think of a feature this watch doesn’t have! The Watch GS 4 even boasts dual-frequency precise positioning for pinpoint accuracy during your outdoor workouts.

Focus on Health and Wellness

The HONOR Watch GS 4 seamlessly integrates with the HONOR Health App, giving you a holistic picture of your well-being. Monitor your blood oxygen, stress levels, sleep patterns, and much more. With this in-depth data, you can make informed decisions about your health and reach your wellness goals.

HONOR Band 9: Your Versatile Fitness Companion

If you’re looking for a stylish and capable fitness tracker, the HONOR Band 9 delivers:

  • Beautiful Display: Feast your eyes on the Band 9’s 1.57-inch AMOLED display featuring a smooth 60Hz refresh rate. Everything looks sharp and vibrant thanks to its 302 PPI.
  • Hyperboloid Design: The Band 9’s lightweight and curved design ensures a comfortable fit all day long, available in stylish silicone or luxurious leather.
  • Impressive Battery Life: With up to 14 days of battery life, the Band 9 keeps up effortlessly with even the most active users.
  • All Your Health Data: Track vital stats like your heart rate and blood oxygen saturation with the Band 9. Sleep monitoring is also included, so you get a clear picture of your rest patterns.
  • Sports Enthusiast’s Dream: Boasting a massive 96+ sports modes, this tracker caters to virtually any exercise you can imagine. Plus, its “Run with You” training program makes Band 9 like having a personal coach on your wrist.

More Than Just Looks

Both the HONOR Watch GS 4 and Band 9 aren’t just about aesthetics. They pack additional features for everyday convenience:

  • Water Resistance: Enjoy peace of mind with 5ATM water resistance on both devices. A sudden downpour or a dip in the pool won’t phase these wearables.
  • Smartphone Control: Control your music, and camera, and get important notifications from your phone directly on your wrist.
  • NFC Support (Select Models): Make quick contactless payments with NFC-equipped versions of the Watch GS 4 and Band 9.

Pricing and Availability

The HONOR Watch GS 4 and Band 9 deliver serious value for their price. Here’s the breakdown:

  • HONOR Watch GS 4
    • Galaxy Shuttle: 999 yuan (approximately USD 138 or Rs. 11,760)
    • Starry Sky Exploration and Jasper Astrolabe: 1,199 yuan (approximately USD 166 or Rs. 14,110)
  • HONOR Band 9
    • Standard Colors (Purple, Black, Blue): 249 yuan (approximately USD 34 or Rs. 2,930)
    • NFC Version: 299 yuan (approximately USD 41 or Rs. 3,520)

The HONOR Watch GS 4 is available for pre-order and goes on sale March 24th in China, while the HONOR Band 9 is currently available for purchase.

Should You Upgrade?

If you’re looking for a true smartwatch experience with a dazzling display, luxurious design, and abundant features, the HONOR Watch GS 4 is a no-brainer. It’s perfect for fashion-conscious individuals who want a wearable packed with both style and substance.

The HONOR Band 9 offers an incredible value proposition. If your main focus is on health and fitness tracking with the convenience of smart features, you’ll be thrilled with the Band 9. It’s stylish, lightweight, and packed with functionality, with a price tag that won’t break the bank.

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