Instagram’s Latest Update: Collaborative Carousel Posts and More – What You Need to Know

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In the ever-evolving world of social media, Instagram continues to push the boundaries of creativity and user engagement. Recently, Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, unveiled some exciting new features that are in the testing phase. Among these developments is Instagram’s collaborative carousel post feature, which allows friends to contribute to your posts. In this blog, we’ll dive into these exciting updates and explore how they might impact your Instagram experience.

Instagram’s New Collaborative Carousel Post Feature

In a bid to enhance the Instagram experience, the platform is currently testing a collaborative carousel post feature. With this feature, users can invite their friends to add more photos or videos to their posts after they’ve already gone live. Here’s how it works:

Enabling Friend Contributions

Before posting a carousel, you can activate the ability for your followers to submit photos and videos. These submissions can be approved to be added to the post. It’s a new way to make your Instagram posts more dynamic and engaging.

How to Add to a Friend’s Carousel Post

If your friend has enabled this feature, you can contribute to their carousel post by tapping the “Add to post” button, which is prominently located in the bottom left corner of the post. Additionally, users can swipe to the last slide of the carousel, where a larger “Add to Post” prompt awaits.

A Peek into Instagram’s Ongoing Experiments

While the collaborative carousel feature is generating buzz, Instagram is also testing a dedicated feed designed exclusively for posts from verified users. This new feed option may offer a more curated experience for those looking to interact with established accounts. It’s worth noting that this feature is still in the testing phase and may undergo further refinements.

Instagram currently offers a range of feed options, including the default feed populated with ads, reels, and various posts. Users can switch to a Following feed to see posts exclusively from people they follow or explore the Favourites feed, which displays posts from selected favorite users.

Upcoming Changes and Concerns

As Instagram continues to evolve, there are some upcoming changes that have raised eyebrows and sparked conversations within the social media community:

Paid Access for an Ad-Free Experience

Reports suggest that Meta, Instagram’s parent company, is considering charging users in the European Union for an ad-free version of Facebook or Instagram on mobile devices. While the ad-supported version remains free for all users, this potential change has garnered attention.

Addressing Privacy and Mental Health Concerns

Instagram has faced scrutiny for issues related to privacy, security, and their impact on users’ mental health, particularly among children. Recently, 33 US states sued Meta, alleging that the company misled the public and intentionally made its platforms more addictive for young users. The lawsuit cited research connecting social media use to negative outcomes like depression, anxiety, and interference with daily life.


Instagram’s ongoing efforts to innovate and provide a dynamic user experience are undeniable. The introduction of collaborative carousel posts is set to transform the way users engage with content and connect with their friends on the platform. While the dedicated feed for verified users and potential paid ad-free access are still in the testing phase, they hint at Instagram’s commitment to evolving and addressing user concerns.

As Instagram evolves, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest developments and how they might impact your social media experience. Keep an eye on these changes, and adapt your Instagram usage to align with your preferences and values.

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