Motorola Edge 50 Fusion for 7 days Used – Best Phone under ₹21k?

Rocking the Moto Edge 50 Fusion for a week! Big screen, long battery life & decent camera - all for under ₹21k? Is it worth it? Click to find out our verdict! #MotoEdge50Fusion

The Moto Edge 50 Fusion might just be the answer. This mid-range contender boasts a sleek design, a smooth display, and a capable camera system, all at a competitive price point. But is it the perfect phone for everyone? In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into the Moto Edge 50 Fusion’s features, performance, and overall value proposition to help you decide.

Unboxing and First Impressions

The Moto Edge 50 Fusion arrives in eco-friendly packaging, which is a nice touch for environmentally-conscious users. Inside, you’ll find the phone itself, a hard plastic case for added protection, a USB-C cable, and a powerful 68W fast charger. The phone is incredibly thin and lightweight, reminiscent of Motorola’s reputation for sleek designs. It bears a resemblance to the Moto Edge 50 Pro, with the main difference being the camera module design.

While the frame is plastic, it feels sturdy and comfortable to hold. The back comes in two options: a luxurious vegan leather or a smooth, matte finish in Forest Blue (which utilizes acrylic). The phone also boasts an IP68 rating, meaning it’s dust and water-resistant – a big plus for those prone to accidents.

Moto Edge 50 Fusion: Display

The Moto Edge 50 Fusion features a stunning 6.7-inch FHD+ pOLED display with a curved design and a smooth 144Hz refresh rate. This translates to vibrant colors, sharp visuals, and incredibly smooth scrolling and gaming experiences.

The display is protected by Gorilla Glass 5 for added scratch resistance, and it even includes flicker prevention technology to reduce eye strain during extended use. While it doesn’t offer HDR support, it does boast a peak brightness of 1600 nits and an impressive 1200 nits HBM (Highest Brightness Mode), making it easily viewable even in bright sunlight.

Moto Edge 50 Fusion: Performance

The Moto Edge 50 Fusion is powered by the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor, which may not be the top-of-the-line chipset, but it delivers decent performance for everyday tasks. You can expect smooth multitasking, lag-free app usage, and even some light gaming at 60 FPS in popular titles like BGMI.

The phone comes with either 8GB or 12GB of LPDDR4X RAM and UFS 2.2 storage, ensuring a responsive and fluid user experience.

Software: Stock Android with a Fresh Look

The Moto Edge 50 Fusion runs on the latest Android 14 with Motorola’s new Hello UI on top. This UI offers a clean and bloatware-free experience, with all the latest features of Android 14 readily available. You’ll find new notification options, screen lock customization tools, and AI-powered wallpapers that adapt to your preferences.

Motorola promises 3 years of major software updates and 4 security patches, ensuring your phone stays up-to-date and secure. However, it’s worth noting that some pre-installed apps like Facebook and LinkedIn are present.

Camera System: Capturing Memories with Confidence

The Moto Edge 50 Fusion packs a triple-camera system on the back, featuring a 50MP main sensor (the new Sony Lytia 700c), a 13MP ultrawide sensor, and a 32MP selfie camera.

Overall, the camera system takes good photos with accurate colors, decent detail, and a good dynamic range. The ultrawide sensor does exhibit a slight color shift compared to the main sensor, and low-light performance is a bit weak.

However, the portrait mode offers good detail and edge detection, and the night mode produces decent results, albeit a bit slow. The 32MP selfie camera captures good photos with realistic skin tones.

Overall, the camera system is well-suited for everyday photography, especially considering the price point. Video recording is capped at 4K 30fps for both the main and selfie cameras.

Battery Life and Charging

The Moto Edge 50 Fusion has a big battery that lasts most people all day. If you use your phone a lot, you can quickly charge it back up halfway in just 15 minutes!

Final Verdict: A Stylish Mid-Ranger with Great Value

The Moto Edge 50 Fusion strikes a great balance between style, performance, and affordability. Here’s a quick breakdown of its pros and cons to help you decide if it’s the right phone for you:

Moto Edge 50 Fusions’ Pros:

  • Sleek and stylish design: The thin profile, curved display, and vegan leather or matte finish options make this phone a head-turner.
  • Smooth and vibrant display: The 144Hz pOLED display offers a fantastic viewing experience with excellent clarity and responsiveness.
  • Decent performance for the price: The Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor delivers smooth performance for everyday tasks and even some light gaming.
  • Clean software experience: Stock Android 14 with Motorola’s Hello UI provides a bloatware-free experience with the latest features and guaranteed updates for years to come.
  • Capable camera system: The triple-camera system captures good photos in well-lit conditions, with a decent main sensor, ultrawide capabilities, and a good selfie camera.
  • Fast charging: Motorola’s 68W Turbo Charge technology ensures you’re never out of power for long.
  • Durable build: The IP68 rating offers water and dust resistance for added peace of mind.

Moto Edge 50 Fusions’ Cons:

  • Not the most powerful processor: Power users might find the Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 limiting for demanding tasks.
  • No HDR support: The display lacks HDR capabilities, which may be a dealbreaker for some multimedia enthusiasts.
  • Slight color shift in ultrawide photos: The ultrawide sensor captures photos with a slightly different color profile compared to the main sensor.
  • Average low-light performance: Low-light photography capabilities are a bit weak.
  • Some bloatware present: While the overall software experience is clean, a few pre-installed apps are still present.

Who Should Consider the Moto Edge 50 Fusion?

This phone is a great choice for users who prioritize:

  • Style and design: If you’re looking for a phone that looks and feels premium without breaking the bank, the Moto Edge 50 Fusion delivers.
  • Smooth display experience: Gamers and multimedia enthusiasts will appreciate the phone’s smooth 144Hz display.
  • Clean software experience: Users who prefer a bloatware-free Android experience will find Motorola’s Hello UI refreshing.
  • Good camera for everyday use: The camera system is well-suited for capturing everyday moments and memories.
  • Fast charging: The rapid charging capabilities ensure you’re never without power for long.

Who Might Want to Look Elsewhere?

If you fall into these categories, you might want to consider other options:

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  • Power users: Those who need top-of-the-line performance for demanding tasks and heavy gaming should look for phones with more powerful processors.
  • Mobile photography enthusiasts: Serious photographers might find the camera system lacking low-light performance and versatility.
  • HDR purists: Users who prioritize HDR capabilities for watching movies and shows should look for phones with HDR support.

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