Nothing Phone 2a Review after 10 Days – Best Smartphone under 25000₹?

Want a stylish phone that lasts all day? The Nothing Phone (2a) might surprise you. Check out our in-depth review for specs, features, and value analysis.

Nothing, the tech company that debuted with the unique Nothing Ear (1) earbuds, is back with another attention-grabbing device – the Nothing Phone (2a). Following the success of the Nothing Phone (1), and the more recent Nothing Phone (2), the 2a model aims to offer a balance of affordability, unique design, and competitive features. In this Nothing Phone (2a) Review, let’s dive in and discover whether it succeeds in delivering value for its price.

Nothing Phone 2a Review: Design

The first thing you’ll notice about the Nothing Phone (2a) is its design. It’s a transparent phone, showcasing the device’s internal components. This is reminiscent of the original Nothing Phone (1) but takes a slightly different route. The design has been compared to an intestine, and it’s certainly polarizing. The sides are plastic instead of the premium metal used in previous Nothing phones. While it weighs a comfortable 189 grams, the plastic back and frame might feel less premium to some people.

The back of the phone also features the signature Nothing Glyph lights with a few tweaks. Missing from the previous design iterations is the charging indicator light. You still get customizable lighting patterns for notifications, charging, and more. Another notable feature is the inclusion of an IP54 rating, providing some level of dust and water resistance.

Nothing Phone 2a: Display

The Nothing Phone (2a) boasts a 6.7-inch FHD+ AMOLED flat panel with an adaptive refresh rate ranging from 30Hz to 120Hz. It’s a 10-bit panel with HDR support (unfortunately not on Netflix). The bezels are symmetrical and slim, making for a visually pleasing front. You’ll find a centered punch-hole for the front-facing camera and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for protection.

The display is vibrant with slightly saturated colors, and while it’s capable of 1300 nits peak brightness, you’ll be looking at the more realistic 1100 nits in High Brightness mode. Videos can sometimes be slightly overexposed, especially with HDR content, but it offers a great viewing experience overall. It also includes 2160Hz PWM dimming for those who are sensitive to screen flicker. The in-display fingerprint sensor is fast and reliable.


The Nothing Phone (2a) covers all the connectivity bases with 13 5G bands, dual 4G, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC, and VoNR support. My Airtel 5G connection had no problems, and the call quality was crystal clear.

Software: The Nothing OS Experience

Running on Android 14, Nothing OS 2.5.4 brings a clean and bloatware-free software experience to the Nothing Phone (2a). It’s one of the best software experiences under 25k. Nothing’s commitment to customization is evident, with lock screen and home screen widgets, a new call recording feature, and a dedicated home screen widget.

Camera: Improved, But Still Not Perfect

The Nothing Phone (2a) houses a dual-camera setup with a 50MP main and a 50MP ultrawide lens. Since its initial launch, Nothing OS 2.5.4 update has improved the camera performance. While earlier photos tended to be underexposed, the exposure is now slightly improved.

The HDR performance performs well indoors but struggles a bit outdoors. The updated camera software has boosted the saturation, leading to slightly over-saturated colors in some cases. While it could still use some more dynamic range improvements, the overall results are decent, especially considering the price segment.

The night mode delivers usable results with retained details, although some noise can be present. There have been improvements in the ultrawide camera, with less noticeable color shifting and slightly improved focus.

Selfies turn out well with good colors, and portrait mode performs admirably.

Video-wise, the front camera shoots 1080p at 60fps with good color accuracy. The rear cameras can both shoot 4K 30fps videos, but some frame jumping is noticeable. Further optimization could improve the overall video experience.

Performance: Surprising Powerhouse?

The Nothing Phone (2a) uses the custom MediaTek Dimensity 7200 Pro processor and delivers solid results that rival higher-priced phones. It achieves around 7 lakh in AnTuTu benchmark scores, making it a surprisingly capable chipset. While the use of UFS 2.2 storage might be a slight drawback, the overall performance is decent. There were some early hiccups, but Nothing seems to have ironed these out, with reduced lags and jitters making for a smoother experience.

Gaming: Capable and Efficient

To test the gaming capabilities, played BGMI for 35 minutes at Smooth Extreme FPS (60 fps) with consistent performance and temperatures staying under 39 degrees Celsius. HDR Ultra at 40 fps is also possible. Expect around 9-10% battery drain during a 35-minute gaming session. The gaming experience on the Nothing Phone (2a) is surprisingly satisfactory, and the improved software optimization certainly shows.


The Nothing Phone (2a) has seen a noticeable improvement in battery life with the Nothing OS 2.5.4 update. Before, users could expect around 5 hours of screen-on time (SOT). Now, that number has increased to 6+ hours of SOT, potentially more for moderate users.

This longevity even includes 30-35 minute gaming sessions. The increased efficiency is a welcome change, making the Nothing Phone (2a) a solid all-day companion. However, it’s important to note that charging speeds remain on the slower side, and there’s no included charger in the box.

Should You Buy the Nothing Phone (2a)?

Now, let’s address the big question. The Nothing Phone (2a) is not without flaws. That said, it offers a lot for its price. The design is undoubtedly its biggest draw and while its “intestine-like” aesthetic might not be for everyone, there’s no denying its uniqueness.

The camera, while capable of good shots, could still use some fine-tuning. However, the clean software, decent display, surprisingly good performance, and excellent battery make it a compelling offering. If you’re looking for a phone that stands out from the crowd, the Nothing Phone (2a) could be a great choice. Still, it’s always good to compare it with devices from Realme, Motorola, OnePlus, and others in a similar price range.

Some Other Thoughts & Observations:

  • The stereo speakers, while not the loudest, deliver clear audio.
  • The initial hype and scarcity of the white color variant with 128GB storage, a common Nothing tactic, might leave some buyers frustrated.
  • Minor heating was noticed after around 20 minutes of Instagram use. However, this didn’t affect performance.
Unique, eye-catching design
Polarizing design with a plastic build
Clean, bloatware-free software with plenty of customization
The camera is decent but needs further improvement.
Great battery life
UFS 2.2 storage is a slight downgrade
Solid performanceSome minor software glitches are still possible

Verdict: Nothing phone 2a Review

In this Nothing Phone (2a) Review, we find that the device is a breath of fresh air in a market oversaturated with similar-looking smartphones. While it might not be the best camera phone or the absolute performance king, it offers something different. It has improved in leaps and bounds since its initial launch. If you’re searching for a stylish and capable phone, or if you just want something off the beaten track, the Nothing Phone (2a) is worth considering.

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