Poco C61 spotted on Google Play Console listing could launch under 10K and Specifications Leaked!

Poco C61 specs spotted on Google Play Console, hinting at a budget-friendly device with the potential for Android 14.

Get ready, budget smartphone shoppers! The Poco C61 is set to shake up the Indian market, and rumors are flying about its specs, potential launch date, and a tantalizing price point under Rs 10,000. With certifications popping up on BIS and Bluetooth SIG, and now a bombshell leak on the Google Play Console, it’s clear this Poco phone is primed for release.

We’ll uncover everything known about the C61. From its potential processor and operating system to rumored connections to the Redmi A3, we’ve got you covered. We’ll predict pricing and see if the C61 is the perfect budget upgrade

Poco C61:

Whispers of the C61 have been circulating for a while now. Its initial appearance on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Bluetooth SIG certification websites set the stage, making its impending release a near certainty. But the real excitement erupted when the device surfaced on the Google Play Console listing.

Google Play Console Leak: What We Know

The Google Play Console listing sheds light on a few key details about the C61. First, the model number (2312BPC51H) and the codename MT6765X for the SoC (System on a Chip) strongly suggest the presence of the MediaTek Helio G36 processor. This chip is known for balancing decent performance with great power efficiency in budget devices.

Secondly, the C61 is tantalizingly likely to ship with Android 14 right out of the box. The potential inclusion of Android 14 is exciting for budget buyers. Stay tuned for more detailed specs as we get closer to the Poco C61’s launch.

. More details will emerge as the launch approaches.

Is the Poco C61 a Redmi in Disguise?

With its specs starting to leak, comparisons between the Poco C61 and the recently launched Redmi A3 are inevitable. The similarities are hard to ignore, raising speculation that the C61 could be a cleverly rebranded version of the Redmi A3. The shared processor – the MediaTek Helio G36 – fuels this theory, and we could see similarities in other specifications as well.

Redmi A3: A Sneak Peek at the Poco C61?

If the rumors of rebranding are on point, the specs of the Redmi A3 give us a solid glimpse of what to expect from the Poco 61. This means you could be looking at a large 6.7-inch LCD with HD+ resolution and a smooth 90Hz refresh rate for the display. The Poco C61 should offer decent performance for everyday tasks with up to 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.


The Poco C61 may have a dual-lens rear camera (8MP main), 5MP front camera, and standard features like a headphone jack, expandable storage, fingerprint sensor, large battery, and USB-C.

Price Predictions and the Competition

The rumored price tag of under Rs 10,000 is perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Poco C61. Let’s delve into how this positions the device within India’s fiercely competitive budget smartphone market:

  • The Competition: The Poco C61 will face stiff competition from brands like Realme, Samsung, Infinix, and Tecno. These brands also offer feature-packed phones at similar price points.
  • Competitive Advantage: To stand out, the Poco C61 needs to deliver a compelling combination of smooth performance, good battery life, and a decent camera experience. The potential inclusion of Android 14 could be a major selling point.
  • Pricing History: Let’s look back at Poco’s C-series pricing. The Poco C51 launched at a starting price of Rs 8,499. If Poco follows a similar strategy, we could see an enticing price tag that undercuts even those rumored Rs 10,000.

User Experience: Speculation and Expectations

While raw specs tell part of the story, the real magic lies in the user experience. Let’s speculate on what we might expect from the Poco C61 in the real world:

  • Day-to-Day Performance: The Helio G36 processor, if confirmed, should handle everyday tasks like browsing, social media, and light gaming reasonably well. However, don’t expect flagship-level performance.
  • Software: Assuming Android 14 (or Xiaomi’s MIUI 14 over Android 13), the software experience could be a pleasant surprise. Look for the latest features and, hopefully, a bloatware-free interface.
  • Camera Expectations: Budget phones rarely excel in photography. The Poco C61’s camera should handle basic photos in good light but don’t expect low-light or complex shots to shine.

Who is the Poco C61 Ideal For?

It’s helpful to imagine who benefits most from a phone like the Poco C61:

  • First-time smartphone buyers: The Poco C61 could be a brilliant entry point to the world of smartphones, offering great value and modern features.
  • Budget-conscious users: If you need a reliable phone for everyday use without the exorbitant cost, the Poco C61 is shaping up to be a compelling option.
  • Secondary device seekers: This phone might make a fantastic no-frills secondary device for travel or as a backup for your main smartphone.

Anticipation Building: Is It Worth the Wait?

With all the hype surrounding the Poco C61, the key question is whether it delivers on expectations. It’s too early to say for sure, but the signs are promising. If you need a powerful budget phone, consider the Poco C61.

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