Revolutionizing Mobile Charging: Infinix Unveils AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery at CES 2024

Discover the future of mobile charging with Infinix's AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery tech at CES 2024. Unleashing convenience and safety!

Infinix, a trailblazer in the tech industry, is set to unveil two groundbreaking technologies at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that promise to reshape the mobile charging landscape. The company’s relentless pursuit of innovation has culminated in the development of Infinix AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery technologies, poised to redefine the way we power our devices.

Infinix AirCharge: Redefining Wireless Charging

AirCharge, a wireless charging paradigm shift, liberates users from cable constraints, enabling effortless charging within 0 to 20 cm. This innovation employs multi-coil magnetic resonance technology and adaptive algorithms, allowing charging even with coils tilted up to 60 degrees.

Prioritizing user safety, Infinix operates the AirCharge at a low frequency below 6.78MHz, offering a charging power of up to 7.5W. While not designed for ultra-fast charging, this technology emphasizes convenience without compromising safety. The inclusion of an end-to-end Resonance and Voltage Protection (OVP) Circuit ensures a safeguarded charging experience, even amidst rapid changes in distance or positioning between the device and the charging pad.

Infinix’s Deputy General Manager, Liang Zhang, underscores the company’s dedication to practicality and safety. AirCharge offers unparalleled convenience, seamlessly fitting into diverse environments, and enabling multitasking during device charging.

Key Features of AirCharge:

  • Wireless Charging: Eliminating the need for physical cables.
  • Air-Powered Charging: Leveraging air to create a truly wireless charging solution.
  • Compatibility: Designed to work across a range of smartphone and tablet models.

Extreme-Temp Battery Technology: Defying Temperature Constraints

Infinix’s Extreme-Temp Battery technology is a revolutionary leap in battery innovation, engineered to withstand extreme temperatures. Collaborating with industry-leading suppliers, Infinix addresses the common issue of lithium-ion freezing in conventional batteries, rendering them inactive in harsh cold environments.

The Extreme-Temp Battery, using biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state tech, operates seamlessly at -40°C. Its range of -40°C to 60°C guarantees enduring functionality in extreme cold conditions.

Key Features of Extreme-Temp Battery Technology:

  • Temperature Resistance: Operates efficiently across a wide range of temperatures.
  • Longer Battery Life: Promises extended device battery life.
  • Safe Charging: Protects users from hazards associated with extreme temperatures.

Sneak Peek at CES 2024: Showcasing Innovation

Infinix’s commitment to user-centric innovation is evident in its history of delivering cutting-edge charging capabilities. From the 180W Thunder Charge Technology to the pioneering 260W All-Round FastCharge, Infinix continues to tailor fast charging experiences to diverse scenarios.

The unveiling of the AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery technologies at ShowStoppers during CES 2024 highlights Infinix’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of mobile charging. This marks a significant leap forward, promising to transform device charging experiences and elevate overall user satisfaction.

Final Words: Embracing the Future of Mobile Charging

Infinix’s debut of AirCharge and Extreme-Temp Battery at CES 2024 marks a monumental leap in mobile charging, promising unmatched convenience, efficiency, and safety for users on the go.

Stay tuned at Noistech as Infinix paves the way for the future of mobile charging. Experience the revolution firsthand and embrace a new era of seamless, efficient, and safer device charging.

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