Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro: Leaked Designs and Features

See leaked images of Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 and Buds 3 Pro, showcasing their sleek stem designs ahead of the big reveal.

The Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for July 8th, exciting leaks have surfaced regarding the new Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. These leaks not only confirm the design but also hint at some compelling features that are sure to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy Buds 3: Design Confirmation

The latest leaks have revealed the retail box of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3. These leaks reinforce earlier rumors of a stem design rather than the in-ear style seen in its predecessor, the Galaxy Buds 2. The Galaxy Buds 3 will have a shorter stem than the Galaxy Buds Pro, with a distinct LED indicator visible on the retail box for charging status.

Galaxy Buds 3 Pro: Advanced Features

Meanwhile, a Reddit user based in the US has claimed to have purchased the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 Pro ahead of its official release. Hands-on images shared by the user showcase a design consistent with earlier leaks, confirming a stem design similar to that of the Galaxy Buds 3 but with longer stems. Speculators believe this design choice could potentially accommodate more internal volume and a larger battery capacity, aligning with recent upgrades seen in premium earbuds.

Key Features and Upgrades

Both the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro will feature ANC and Adaptive EQ for optimized sound quality. The Pro variant will additionally offer Ambient Sound and Adaptive ANC, enhancing user experience in various environments.

Battery Life of Galaxy Buds 3

Leaks suggest the Galaxy Buds 3 could provide up to 5 hours of playback with ANC on, while the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro might extend this to 6 hours, representing an improvement over previous models.

Audio Technology:

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Buds 3 will feature a single-driver setup, while the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro might boast a dual-driver configuration for richer audio output, building on the success of their predecessors.

Durability of Galaxy Buds 3

Both models are expected to provide robust protection against dust and water with an IP57 rating, marking a significant upgrade from the IPX2 and IPX7 ratings seen on earlier models.

Pricing and Availability

According to the Reddit user, the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro was purchased for approximately $250, indicating a slight increase from its predecessor’s launch price. This pricing strategy positions the Pro variant as a premium offering in Samsung’s lineup, targeting users seeking advanced features and superior audio quality.


As the tech world eagerly awaits Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event, these leaks have provided a tantalizing glimpse into what the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro have to offer. Upon their official release, these earbuds will significantly impact the market with their sleek designs, advanced features, and enhanced capabilities.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach July 8th and the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. For more detailed coverage and the latest tech news, continue following Nois-Tech.

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