Samsung Galaxy S23 Review After 11 Months – Long-Term Review!

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In the fast-paced world of smartphones, staying ahead with the latest technology is crucial. One such device that has captivated tech enthusiasts is the Samsung Galaxy S23. In this long-term review, we delve into every aspect of this flagship phone, providing you with insights that go beyond the surface. From design and display to performance and camera capabilities, we’ve got it all covered.

1. Design and Build Quality: A Touch of Elegance

The Galaxy S23 is a masterpiece in design, featuring a premium blend of materials. Crafted with Gorilla Glass Victus 2 on both the front and back, coupled with a sleek aluminum frame, the phone exudes sophistication. Remarkably, even after prolonged use, the shiny frame remains free from visible marks. The compact form factor, complemented by a small display size, ensures an unparalleled in-hand feel that stands out among its competitors.

2. Galaxy S23 Display: A Visual Feast

The 6.2-inch FHD+ 120Hz AMOLED display is undoubtedly one of the device’s standout features. Boasting thin bezels, the display provides an immersive experience, especially with HDR content. The vibrant and high-quality visuals make every interaction on this phone a delight, setting a new standard for what a premium display should offer.

3. Software: Keeping Pace with Innovation

The Galaxy S23 not only impresses with its hardware but also stays ahead on the software front. With timely updates, including the January patch and Android 14, the device remains at the forefront of technology. Samsung’s One UI 6 enhances the user experience, delivering a snappy and smooth interface. Flagship features such as Samsung Dex and Call Recording further contribute to the phone’s allure.

4. Performance and Specs: Power Unleashed

Under the hood, the Galaxy S23 houses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, based on the TSMC 4nm architecture. This chip, a favorite among users, ensures seamless performance in most scenarios. While heavy usage may cause the phone to warm up, it generally maintains a cool temperature. Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the phone’s capability to run graphics-intensive games like COD at a smooth 120 FPS.

5. Battery Life: Finding the Optimal Balance

With a 3900mAh battery, some users may express concerns about longevity. However, the S23 manages to get through the day on medium usage, offering around 5 to 6 hours of screen-on time. The 25W charger, though not included in the box, replenishes the battery in just one hour. Additionally, the phone supports 15W wireless charging and reverse wireless charging, adding convenience to the charging experience.

6. Camera: Capturing Moments with Precision

The 50MP primary camera and 3x telephoto lens deliver stellar photography experiences. While the camera produces great images, slight oversaturation might be observed. HDR performance can be a bit inconsistent, particularly when capturing subjects with backlighting. Some users have reported a slight delay in shutter speed during continuous/burst shots—a detail worth considering.

Camera Samples Of Samsung Galaxy S23 :

Banana Blur Problem: Users are advised to check for any issues related to the “banana blur” effect, which might affect photo quality under specific conditions.

The front camera, on the other hand, performs admirably, producing sharp images with excellent HDR capabilities.

7. Extra Features: Connectivity Excellence

Beyond the core features, the Galaxy S23 excels in cellular reception, call quality, and data speeds. The stereo speakers contribute to an immersive audio experience, enhancing multimedia consumption. Users have reported no issues with Wi-Fi speeds, ensuring a seamless connectivity experience.

8. Overall Verdict: Should You Invest?

As the anticipation for the S24 series builds, potential buyers might be tempted to wait. However, with official price drops on the S23 series, now could be the opportune moment to make a purchase. Samsung’s reputation for quality and innovation is well reflected in the Galaxy S23, and with discounts available, it offers exceptional value for money.


In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S23 emerges as a strong contender in the smartphone arena. Its combination of premium design, cutting-edge display, robust performance, and versatile camera capabilities make it a device worth considering. Stay tuned for more updates and reviews on the latest tech trends. For the best deals on the Galaxy S23, check out the latest offers on


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