Tecno Spark 20C Review: Super Value Smartphone under ₹7999!

Tecno Spark 20C packs a 50MP camera & smooth display for under ₹7999. Our review reveals its true value.


If you’re looking to snag a fantastic smartphone deal without sacrificing essential features, the Tecno Spark 20C demands your attention. This budget-friendly device exceeded my expectations, offering a compelling blend of functionality and affordability.

In this extensive review, let’s dissect the Tecno Spark 20C’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll cover its design, display, performance prowess, camera capabilities, software experience, battery life, and extra value-adds to help you decide if this is the right phone for you.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

While the unboxing experience is rather standard, Tecno includes the essentials. You’ll receive:

  • The Tecno Spark 20C smartphone
  • A transparent protective cover to get you started
  • An 18W charging adapter
  • A SIM ejector tool

Design & Build Quality

Let’s explore the Tecno Spark 20C’s physical design and feel:

  • Materials & Finish: The plastic frame and matte-textured plastic back contribute to a lightweight device and reduce manufacturing costs. The textured finish offers decent fingerprint resistance and a comfortable grip.
  • Functionality: The welcome addition of a headphone jack will please wired headphone enthusiasts. Conveniently placed volume and fingerprint-sensor-integrated power buttons enhance usability.
  • Durability: The IPX2 rating offers a basic level of water-splash resistance, which might not protect against downpours but should handle daily mishaps with liquids.
  • Color Options: The phone comes in four eye-catching colors, offering something for everyone’s style preferences.
  • Aesthetics: While the design is practical and modern, the slightly sharp edges could feel less comfortable compared to competitors with more rounded corners.


The eye-catching triple-camera layout on the back might be slightly deceptive. Here’s the lowdown on what you need to know:

  • Rear Camera: The primary workhorse is the 50MP main camera with an f/1.6 aperture, allowing for reasonably detailed images in good lighting. The AI lens assists with behind-the-scenes image processing enhancements.
  • Front Camera: Selfies are handled by an 8MP front-facing camera, supported by a front-facing flash designed to boost image quality in low-light conditions.
  • Photo Performance: In well-lit environments, the Tecno Spark 20C captures photos with adequate levels of detail and pleasing colors for its price point. The AI scene detection adds a subtle touch to optimizing image settings for various recognized scenes.
  • Zoom, Video, & Low-light: Don’t expect miracles from the zoom function or low-light performance. However, the addition of features like time-lapse and slow-motion videos expands your creative possibilities.


The Tecno Spark 20C features a 6.56-inch HD+ IPS display. Here’s a breakdown of its characteristics:

  • Resolution: At 720 x 1612 pixels, the resolution is enough for basic tasks, web browsing, and casual video watching. Don’t expect razor-sharp visuals, but it gets the job done.
  • Refresh Rate: The 90Hz refresh rate is a pleasant surprise in this price range, adding to a smoother feel when scrolling and navigating the interface.
  • Brightness: With a maximum brightness of 480 nits, the display is usable outdoors on most days. However, expect to struggle a bit when under direct, harsh sunlight.
  • Design Details: The punch-hole design for the front camera blends into the display reasonably well. The “dynamic port” design is Apple-inspired but might appeal to some users seeking a touch of that aesthetic.

Performance & Specifications

At the heart of the Tecno Spark 20C lies a Helio G36 processor paired with an impressive 8GB of LPDDR4x RAM. Let’s see how this translates to real-world use:

  • Everyday Tasks: Expect no hiccups handling routine tasks like social media, web browsing, messaging, and light multitasking. Tecno’s Darwin Engine provides optimizations that boost memory and contribute to a generally snappy feel for the price.
  • Gaming: Demanding 3D games will need to be played at lower graphics settings to ensure a playable experience. If basic or casual gaming is a priority, the Tecno Spark 20C is adequate.
  • RAM Expansion: The ability to virtually expand the RAM by up to an additional 8GB enhances multitasking

Price & Availability

The Tecno Spark 20C officially retails for ₹8999 in India. However, frequent discounts and offers can bring the effective price down to an incredibly tempting ₹7999. This affordability ranks it among the best values in the entry-level smartphone segment.

Verdict: Tecno Spark 20C

The Tecno Spark 20C is a surprisingly compelling device for its incredibly affordable price. If you need a smartphone that handles day-to-day tasks smoothly, offers a decent camera experience for casual photography, and boasts a long-lasting battery, this could be a fantastic bargain. Some sacrifices have been made, such as the lower-resolution display, but at ₹7999, it’s hard to complain.

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