Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds Review: The Best Gaming TWS with ANC, 60 Hours Battery Backups | Under 2000!

Looking for killer gaming earbuds under ₹2000? Look no further! Crossbeats Sonic 3 boasts ANC, 60HRS battery & low latency for epic in-game audio! #Earbuds #Gaming

Looking for a pair of wireless earbuds that pack a punch without breaking the bank? The Crossbeats Sonic 3 might just be your audio soulmate. Let’s dive deep into this feature-rich package and see if it lives up to the hype.

Unboxing and Design: Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds

The Crossbeats Sonic 3 arrives in a sleek, matte black box with the Crossbeats logo prominently displayed. The build quality feels excellent, especially considering the price point. The charging case itself boasts a premium matte black finish that resists scratches and fingerprints – a major win for those of us who constantly fidget with our tech.

Opening the case reveals the earbuds themselves. Here, Crossbeats employs a dual-tone design – the outer stem is glossy, while the inner part and ear tips are matte. The touch controls are located on the stem, marked by the Crossbeats logo. Dual microphones are strategically placed for clear call quality.

Comfort-wise, the Sonic 3 excels. The earbuds fit snugly without causing any fatigue, even during extended listening sessions. Additionally, the IPX5 rating ensures they can handle sweat and light splashes, making them ideal for workouts or jogs.

Connecting to Nirvana: Bluetooth Experience

The Crossbeats Sonic 3 boasts Bluetooth 5.3, the latest and greatest in wireless connectivity. This translates to super-fast pairing – simply open the case and your device will be connected within seconds, thanks to the built-in hall switch. The connection remains stable throughout, with no annoying drops or lags.

Sound travels through the magic of the AAC codec, which helps elevate the overall audio quality.

Immerse Yourself in Sonic Bliss with Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds

But enough about the technical jargon, let’s talk about what truly matters – the sound! The Sonic 3 utilizes 13mm graphene drivers that pump out surprisingly good audio. The volume gets loud, but we recommend staying around the 85% mark for optimal listening.

Bass lovers, rejoice! The Sonic 3 delivers satisfying bass levels without muddying the overall soundscape. It’s not an overpowering, artificial thump, but rather a smooth and enjoyable presence.

The treble is clear and crisp, ensuring vocals shine through and instruments are easily distinguishable. This creates a well-balanced soundscape that’s perfect for any genre of music.

Hybrid ANC: Sonic 3 Earbuds

The Crossbeats Sonic 3 boasts Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) that can reduce ambient noise by up to 30 dB. While it might not completely silence the world around you, it certainly makes a noticeable difference, especially when dealing with low-frequency droning noises. Considering the price range, the ANC is a welcome addition that enhances the listening experience.

Intuitive Touch Controls: Your Music at Your Fingertips

The Crossbeats Sonic 3 features intuitive touch controls located on the earbud stems. A single tap plays or pauses your music, while a double tap on the right bud skips to the next track, and the left one rewinds. Holding down the left bud decreases volume, and the right one increases it. A four-tap gesture toggles between ANC mode and transparency mode, which allows you to hear your surroundings without removing the earbuds.

Crystal Clear Calls: Be Heard Loud and Clear

The Sonic 3 has dual microphones on each earbud, forming a quad-mic system for exceptional call quality. Your voice will be transmitted clearly, even in noisy environments.

Battery Life: Powering Your Sonic Journey

The Crossbeats Sonic 3 boasts a battery life of around 5 hours on a single charge, with the charging case offering an additional 50-60 hours, bringing the total playtime to a whopping 60 hours. The case charges via a Type-C port, which is a welcome upgrade over the outdated micro USB found on some budget earbuds.

The Verdict: A Budget Audio

So, is the Crossbeats Sonic 3 the king of the budget earbuds? The answer is a resounding yes, with a few caveats. For the price, you’re getting a feature-packed package with excellent sound quality, comfortable wear, and surprisingly effective ANC. The intuitive touch controls and long battery life are additional bonuses.

While the ANC might not be the strongest on the market, it offers a noticeable improvement in the price range. Overall, the Crossbeats Sonic 3 is a fantastic option for budget-conscious audiophiles who prioritize well-rounded sound, a comfortable fit, and a plethora of features.

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