OPPO Enco Air 4 Pro: Leaked Certification Hints at Imminent Launch!

OPPO Enco Air 4 Pro spotted on certification site! Leaked info suggests imminent launch & possible upgrades to noise cancellation & features. Get the details!

The world of wireless earbuds is in a constant state of flux, with new models emerging seemingly every other day. If you’re an audiophile on the lookout for the next big thing, then OPPO Enco Air 4 Pro might just be the ticket. While the company remains tight-lipped about official details, recent certifications hint at an imminent launch, and rumors are swirling about what features this successor to the Enco Air 3 Pro might pack.

The Enco Air 3 Pro: A Recap

Before diving into the unknown territory of the OPPO Enco Air 4 Pro, let’s take a quick peek at its predecessor, the OPPO Enco Air 3 Pro. Launched in India last year, these earbuds garnered attention for their impressive active noise cancellation (ANC) capabilities and well-rounded feature set. Here’s a glimpse of what the Enco Air 3 Pro offered:

  • Powerful ANC: With up to 49dB of active noise cancellation, the Enco Air 3 Pro effectively blocks out unwanted background noise, allowing users to fully immerse themselves in their music or podcasts.
  • Crystal-Clear Calls: OPPO’s DNN Noise Cancellation for Calls technology ensured crystal-clear voice quality during calls, even in noisy environments.
  • Superior Sound: Equipped with 12.4mm dynamic drivers, the Enco Air 3 Pro delivers clear and crisp audio, perfect for music lovers who appreciate rich and detailed sound.
  • Bluetooth 5.3: The earbuds leveraged Bluetooth 5.3 technology for a stable and reliable connection.
  • High-Resolution Audio: LDAC technology support allowed users to stream high-resolution audio for an enhanced listening experience.
  • Long Playtime: On a single charge, the Enco Air 3 Pro offered a respectable 7 hours of playback time, with the charging case extending that to a total of up to 25 hours. Additionally, fast charging capabilities provided a quick and convenient way to top up the battery.
  • Water and Dust Resistance: With an IP55 rating, the Enco Air 3 Pro can withstand splashes and dust, making them ideal for everyday use.
  • Convenient Features: Google Fast Pair support ensured effortless pairing with compatible devices, while touch controls allowed users to manage playback, calls, and volume with ease. The ability to connect to two devices simultaneously further enhanced the earbuds’ versatility.

The Enco Air 4 Pro: What to Expect

While official details are scarce, the recent appearance of the OPPO Enco Air 4 Pro on certification websites in Malaysia and globally has fueled speculation about its features. Here’s what we can glean based on educated guesses and the capabilities of its predecessor:

  • Improved ANC: Given the increasing focus on ANC technology in the wireless earbuds market, it’s reasonable to expect the OPPO Enco Air 4 Pro to offer even better noise cancellation capabilities than its predecessor. Perhaps an increase to 55dB or even higher could be on the cards.
  • Enhanced Audio Quality: Audiophiles will likely be eager for advancements in sound quality. Upgraded drivers or support for even higher-fidelity audio codecs like LHDC could be a possibility.
  • Extended Battery Life: Battery life is a crucial factor for wireless earbuds. The Enco Air 4 Pro might see a bump in playtime on a single charge, or perhaps the charging case’s capacity could be increased for longer overall playback time.
  • Advanced Features: New features like improved touch controls, multipoint connection for seamless switching between devices, or integrated wear detection for automatic playback pause/resume are all possibilities.

The Enco Air 4 Pro: A Worthy Successor?

The Enco Air 3 Pro established itself as a compelling option in the mid-range wireless earbuds segment. The upcoming Enco Air 4 Pro has the potential to surpass its predecessor in various aspects, offering even better noise cancellation, superior sound quality, and extended battery life. With its expected launch approaching, tech enthusiasts and audiophiles alike will be eagerly awaiting official details to see if the Enco Air 4 Pro lives up to the hype.

Beyond Speculation: Keeping You Updated

As more information about the Enco Air 4 Pro surfaces, we’ll be sure to update this blog post. Stay tuned to Nois-Tech for the latest news and reviews on the exciting world of wireless earbuds!

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