Microsoft Copilot Turns One: New Features, Overhaul, and AI-Powered Image Editing!

Unlock creativity with Microsoft Copilot's new features! AI-powered image editing, redesigned interface, and more. Dive into the future of innovation!

Welcome to the celebration of Microsoft Copilot’s first birthday! In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, Copilot has been a game-changer, offering users a seamless chatbot experience. In this blog, we’ll delve into the exciting updates, a sleek redesign, and how Microsoft Copilot has become an integral part of the tech giant’s ecosystem.

Introducing Designer GPT for Copilot:

A new addition to the Microsoft Copilot family is the Designer GPT, providing an immersive and dedicated canvas inside the chatbot. This feature, according to Microsoft, allows users to visualize their ideas more engagingly and interactively. Copilot Pro, priced at $20/month, introduces premium features to a dedicated audience.

Microsoft Copilot’s Evolution:

As Copilot marks its first anniversary, it’s not just about candles on the cake – it’s about the incredible milestones achieved. According to Microsoft’s Chief Marketing Officer, Copilot has engaged in over 5 billion chats and 5 billion image generations. These interactions have played a pivotal role in the steady growth of Microsoft’s Edge and Bing platforms.

Redesigned Interface and Carousels:

The revamped Copilot app for Android and iOS introduces a more streamlined look and feel, making navigation a breeze. One of the notable additions is the introduction of carousels, strategically placed above the text, voice, and image bar. These carousels offer dynamic suggestions each time you open the app, enhancing user engagement and creativity.

Meet Deucalion – Powering the ‘Balanced’ Mode:

Jordi Ribas, Head of Engineering and Product for Copilot and Bing reveals that Copilot’s ‘Balanced’ mode now runs on a finely-tuned model named ‘Deucalion.’ This upgrade contributes to an overall richer and faster experience, ensuring that users can enjoy enhanced functionalities seamlessly.

Image Editing Unleashed:

One of the most exciting features introduced is the ability of Copilot to not only generate images but also edit them. Powered by DALL-E 3, the Designer for Copilot now allows users to highlight objects, add background blur, and even change art styles like pixel art. Copilot Pro subscribers get an extra treat – the ability to resize and regenerate images for square and landscape modes directly within the chat.

Global Accessibility of Image Editing:

Currently available for English speakers in Australia, India, New Zealand, the U.S., and the U.K., the image editing feature brings a new level of creativity to Copilot users worldwide. Microsoft’s commitment to global accessibility ensures that users across regions can unleash their creativity through AI-powered image editing.

Sumup with Microsoft Copilots:

Celebrate Microsoft Copilot’s first year! Exciting features, a fresh look, and enhanced capabilities push AI boundaries, making it intuitive and creative. Image editing and Designer GPT usher in a new era of AI interaction. Cheers to innovation!

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