YouTube’s Colorful Experiment: Redefining Video Discovery with RGB Feeds

Dive into YouTube's RGB Feeds experiment! Red, green, and blue hues redefine video discovery. Explore the vibrant spectrum today!

YouTube Colorful Experiment – YouTube is once again at the forefront of innovation. The video-sharing giant is currently experimenting with a unique approach to video discovery – introducing feeds organized by color. Imagine scrolling through your YouTube feed and stumbling upon a vibrant array of videos categorized by the predominant hues of red, green, and blue. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Unveiling the Colorful Experiment

Recently, users on YouTube’s Android app have reported encountering a captivating card asking, “Craving something new?” The card prompts users to “Create a feed of videos based on color, and enjoy exploring.” The available color choices are red, green, and blue, possibly mirroring the RGB color model. However, it’s worth noting that individual perceptions may vary, as some users have observed shades of orange in the red category.

Upon selecting a color, the top carousel of filters, already personalized with user interests, undergoes a transformation. Instead of the usual white, the accent color chosen is applied, offering a visually appealing experience.

Behind the Scenes: How Colors Dictate Video Discovery

It appears that YouTube is utilizing a color-detection mechanism based on thumbnails and potentially the entire video to determine the predominant hue. This method draws parallels with Material You Dynamic Color, offering a dynamic and engaging user interface. Perhaps, YouTube is banking on the idea that users won’t mind exploring videos through a spectrum of colors, akin to the popular trend of organizing home screens by app icon color.

However, it raises the question: Do colors truly correlate with the subject matter of a video? Unless YouTube possesses compelling data or testing results suggesting otherwise, the experiment seems to be a departure from conventional video categorization.

Weird or Wonderful? Navigating the Colorful Filters

While the concept is undoubtedly unique, the application of color filters in video discovery raises eyebrows. Colors, traditionally, are not indicators of video content unless YouTube has uncovered a groundbreaking correlation. These color-centric feeds feel somewhat out of place in the realm of YouTube, a platform primarily driven by content relevance and user preferences.

Color feeds echo YouTube Music’s visual-centric content discovery. Joins experimental features like ‘New to you’ and ‘Playing something’ FAB in testing.”


YouTube Colorful Experiment – As the digital landscape continues to evolve, YouTube’s foray into color-centric video discovery showcases the platform’s commitment to innovation. Whether this experiment becomes a staple or a passing trend, only time will tell. In the meantime, users can navigate their feeds through the captivating spectrum of red, green, and blue, adding a touch of visual flair to their video exploration journey.

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